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Friday, September 14, 2007

Getting Back On Track!

Oh me oh my things have been hectic lately! I am so very thrilled to have finally established a routine in this household. :) Now that Connor is in school we have no choice but to have set guidelines to follow. It has been really great for everyone! I know that I am getting more done these days! Especially with my designs. Its all coming together slowly but surely! New products in the store tomorrow!!!!

Just because I havent been posting, doesnt mean I havent been shopping!!!! I have been doing a lot of shopping! :) Too many to post all at once so I will just randomly pick some today! Let's start with Lie Fhung! Now this is a lady who truly loves to design. You can tell by her elements how much time and effort goes into each and every piece! Love her stuff. She has a new fan. My favorite thing ever? The calendar! WOW! I have only worked on mine for about 20 minutes and its almost done. Now THAT is amazing. I am going to have a few done up and printed out for Christmas. I really thing that they will be a huge hit!

I just think all of her stuff is amazing. Here is what else I received!

Tomorrow ITS MILLER TIME! Gina Miller that is. Come and see what I received from her store. Lots and lots and lots and lots of goodies!

Oh and I just wanted to mention that I am out of my scrapbooking rut!! These are the pages I created using Becky Higgin's sketch challenge. Thanks for the nudge Bek! If you participate in Bek Cutshaw's challenge to use Becky's sketch you have a chance to win $50 dollars worth of product. Check out the details at DSAG under the designers challenges!!

All credits can be found with the original post in my gallery at DSAG!

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