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Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday, again?? Already?? Are you sure?

Yes, its Monday morning here on the East Coast of Canada. It's a beautiful day outside today. I think. I only got a glimpse when I peeked out this morning to give Connor's father his school bag. Seemed nice though. :) Well, I said that every Monday I would weigh myself and share my results. I think I had a decent week. I did eat out more then planned but I was able to control myself (for the most part) and not do anything to crazy. Sean and I purchased some lovely Peach Mango (fat free) frozen yogurt. I really wanted the chocolate one but Connor cannot eat it. See what I do for my kid! lol ;) So I am down to 179! I know, THREE POUNDS in one week doing very little. I really think I should credit the weight loss to water weight though. I have started drinking green tea again so I know that must have helped. This morning I was going to go for a walk, I still might but I am feeling quite yucky.
I went to the music store the other day and 'purchased' three new songs, downloaded them and now I cannot get two of them to load on my MP3 player. They downloaded as .wma files and I cannot convert them. It says that they are copyrighted to such and such and cannot be changed. WHY NOT! I paid for them, kind of but not really because they were free downloads I received when I went to the movies last week, and I cannot listen to them on my MP3 player. I spent AN HOUR last night trying to get new music on it for today. I HATE SONY WITH A PASSION! I am buying a new one, as soon as I can. Hate Sony. Hate them! Not even joking, I have been boycotting them ever since I bought this thing. I am not bitter though. ;)
Sean's father stopped in town yesterday for a quick visit. Notice how his sunglass obsession runs in the family?
Pat, Shel and Sean.

I also went to a baby shower yesterday. The mommy to be looked exhausted and she just wanted to go home and sleep. Poor thing. This is her third child and after two boys she is getting a girl. :) I made this card for her. The umbrella template is from Scrapbooks, Etc. and let me tell you that their card is much cuter then mine.

Paper from The Paper Company.
I also made this card with paper from Anna Griffin and tag by Making Memories. Nan will be turning 92 on June 15th so this is her birthday card.

That is all for today. Hope everyone had a nice weekend. To my American friends, hope you are having a nice Memorial Day weekend. :)

Friday, May 23, 2008


YAHOO! It's Friday and that means all kinds of things! FIRST, Connor is off of school today because of orientation for next year's grade Primary students. He is currently watching Teletoon while I attempt to get some work done. Munching away on strawberries and crackers. I swear my child has the strangest eating habits. Anyway! Excited to say that I have two new products in the store today!
First we have a new set of doodles! Check out Doodle Bits here.

And everyone loved my Get Dirty Photo Overlays set so much that I made a new set! Check out Get Dirty Photo Overlays Set Two!

I was hoping to get out today and get some photos taken but its SPILLING AGAIN! I swear we have had one nice day all spring and I am really in the mood for some sun. The other day I headed out with Connor, Tracey and Mitchell to take some photos. Mitchell is Tracey's nephew and he was nice enough to let me take some photos of him. It was cold and rainy but we got a few quick shots in.
For more photos check out my Flickr page!
I havent scrapped in a few days, this is my last layout. Over at the Guild we are having some fun playing a game of 'tag.' Check out the details on our new CT blog!

Created with my Bring On the Dirt element pack and paper pack, frame and wordart by Katie Pertiet.
Now I am off to read some blogs and then play with my kid. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Ok, here it goes. For some crazy reason I have decided to share with the world how much I weight. Ack! I am going to use this blog, not only to share my every day news, new products, inspirations and challenges, but also to encourage myself to lose weight. Yes, I am at it again. I have decided to completely copy Donna Downey in every way! Well, except my name. And my diet choice. And I wont be traveling to Italy any time soon. And...well, you get the idea. Just going to post my weightloss like she does but without the cool video because I dont have a camera. Or do I? I am going to share my ups and downs here though as well. Back in the day I lost 20lbs while following TBL at the Guild. Then something happened, I dont know what, but before I knew it I was back into old Amy mode. SO NOT HAPPY! Why did I try the new KitKat McFlurry? WHY?!! Ok, so I am going to do do better.
This is the worst part. I weigh...112lbs. What? I totally weight 112lbs. I DO! In my dreams. hehehe Ok, I weigh 182lbs as of five minutes ago. My son, he weighs 41lbs. Approximately how much weight I have gained since I got preggo with him. ;) He has grown so much!! Dude is now 42.5inches tall. He is almost as tall as me! I know thats not saying a lot since I am a whooping 5ft 1.5! (Yes, short people have to add the extra half inch to make themselves feel better.)
SO back to the topic at hand. I will not be doing any crazy diet plans. I am going to eat what I want but I am going to stop when I am full. I am going to go back to my healthy eating plan which was REALLY good and yummy. I never ate things I didnt like. I honestly dont know why I stopped. It was easier to hit a drive thru I suppose? *shrugs* All over now.
Scrap news! I did the monthly swap over at NDISB.com with Fran and I had a great time. I met a wonderful lady named Rose, aka ladyofthorns, and she was so great to work with! Here is the layout I created for her and the one she created for me. All credits can be found with the original uploads at NDISB.com.
Mine for her.

Hers for me.

I love doing swaps because you get to know such wonderful people and you get a layout that is truly unique at the same time. Everyone should try it! :)


I forgot to mention how fantastic everyone did on the challenge this week! Silly me! Here are three randomly pulled layouts. You have to admit though, they are fantastic! :)



For more inspiration come to the chat tonight at the Guild, 10PM EST!
All credits for these layouts can be found with the original uploads at DSAGuild.com gallery.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Beached Whale

Yesterday while I was scrapping, I mean working, I was listening to the radio and heard that a whale had washed up on shore. So today after our regular Sunday morning coffee, Dad and I thought we would head over to see it. I have never seen a whale in person before and was curious. There were quite a few people there this morning so I can only imagine how many people have come and gone. The tide was on its way in today and the waters were looking fairly rough, hopefully he will be taken back out to sea. As far as things go now, I believe they are just going to let nature take its course. I should mention that he was dead when he was discovered. It was so sad watching him. To be quite honest I felt like we were invading his personal space. Is that weird? I suppose so. It really infuriated me that people were letting their children poke him. How horrible is that? Here honey, let Mommy take a picture of you poking the dead whale. Wrong on more then one level. The biggest concern to me would have been disease. Goodness knows what he is carrying. You should never let your children pet a dead animal. I just thought that was something everyone knew. Ick. He wasnt all that huge, I mean he was but I was expecting him to be bigger. He was probably about the size of three cars may be?
On to happier news! I received a third email the other day from Somerset magazine who are interested in publishing my layout, As Fast As A Train, which makes me incredibly happy. I must say that I am rather proud of my success this week. I am floating, really floating on all of the wonderful things that have occurred. Plus, its great exposure for the Guild. Two out of the three layouts were created using Guild kits. :) Speaking of the Guild, WE HAVE A BLOG! Whoot whoot! How cool are we! A great place to inspire and to share! Check it out here. I have also decided to have a weekly photography challenge over at the Guild. Each Saturday I will post a new inspirational idea to help encourage creative photography. This week our challenge is to simply take a photograph of a loved one who ISNT smiling. Check out the thread here. Here are the photos that I posted for inspiration.
Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Floating on Air

Thats me. Thats how I feel. The last 48 hours have been such a blessing to me. First having two of my layouts accepted for publication, wow, then last night the photography workshop. Ratchford was great! Wow, that man is bouncy. lol He was jumping up and down and running around, he made me breathless just watching him. He did some shooting with what we had available. We went outside and he said we could take some shots. I only managed to get two in because there were so many people around.
Everything happened so quickly I was pleasantly surprised to find that out of all of the cameras pointed at him at that moment, he was looking straight at me. Loved that. I should mention that this young man was just someone in the class. I think he could be a model, he has such a beautiful well defined face. :) After he did some shooting, showed us some slides and whatnot on the computer, he asked if anyone had photos they wanted him to look at. Well, he picked me. Probably because I was bouncing in my seat and waving like a flag on Canada Day. ;) Anyway, he looked through my photos and called me to the front of the room. People, my knees were shaking, I was not comfortable. lol He asked me my name and I pretty much whispered , Amy, then he said, I want to know your name because we are going to be seeing you around. *beaming* Then he said he was jealous of one of my shots and said that he wished he had taken it. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!
I ended up having to sit down. I played it up like I thought I was in people's way but I just had to sit down. lol They passed my photos around and people asked me questions about Photoshop. It was my moment. I loved it. It is such a brilliant feeling having a professional look at your work and say that they think you are worth something. *sighs*
Then afterwards I called my Dad to tell him the good news and he said that Warren had been asking about me again. DUDE! I am so happy. I swear, I am going to get hit by a bus or something today. The two top photographers of my area and they know me. What I really love about these two men is that they are so encouraging. In the words of Warren, they love to share the passion. I am so glad they do, they are both such inspirations to me and the chances they have offered me are not going to go to waste. Now if the rain would just stop so I can go and take some photos already. ;)
I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I am going to try and wrangle my friends into letting me take some photos. Jen. ;) (this will be the post she doesnt read)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Getting Published!

Oh yeah baby! I received TWO letters yesterday from two different magazines stating that two of my layouts had been chosen for publication. One layout titled, Because Its All About Me, will be featured in the Fall Issue of Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine on shelves September 1st! My layout titled, Speak To Me, will be featured in the 3T section of the Oct/Nov issue of Digital Scrapbooking Magazine. Connor is happy that his cute mug will be in a magazine all over place. lol Seriously, I am so thrilled about this. I have been published a few times in online magazines which totally excites me but it reaches a new level when you hit paper publications. So come the fall I will have been published in Canadian Scrapbooker, Digital Scrapbook Magazine, the Notebook, Bella Scraps, Digital Artist Magazine and Ready, Set, Create. *beaming* Every now and then I just say, Dude, out loud, for no apparent reason but its because I am thinking about it all. I am no doubt driving Sean batty.
Tonight I am going to a photography workshop hosted by John Ratchford, a local photographer who has made quite the name for himself. I am super excited about going and am hoping I can learn a lot from him. I have a few photos picked out to show him. I figured I would mix in a few that Warren Gordon liked and a few new ones to see his perspective on them. Once you look past the technical side of things, photography is pretty subjective so I guess we will see how it goes.
This morning I thought I would make an album. So I did. :) Its my first one so I learned a few things. I know that it will get better though.
Album Cover
Album Detail
I made it with some cardboard and an old shirt that was Nan's when she was MUCH younger. Recycling is a beautiful thing! Well, sometimes it is, other times its not. I saw something today which disturbed me. I am sure that its a wonderful thing for your purse strings and for the environment but I just cannot picture myself using them. Cloth pads. Eww. I know, its just like cloth diapers buts its not at the same time! I have no trouble cleaning up after a cute little baby, but my own mess? Yuck. When they are new they are super adorable but....ewww.... So if you are interested, they are out there! I cannot see myself being comfortable wearing them though. I mean, they cannot possible be as absorbent, can they? I would be super paranoid about leakage. Wouldnt they be difficult to keep clean looking as well? I dont know, may be I am just being weird about the whole thing. I am getting carried away!
Hope everyone has a great day! Wish me luck tonight. :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Holy Attention Batman!

Last night I was frantically trying to complete a layout before my chat. It was just NOT coming together. Then I had a brilliant idea, I would just use the photo as the background! Yes! Great idea! I love the photo of Connor and just wanted to show it off. Well, I suppose I did because my layout has gotten a lot of attention since I posted it! SO EXCITING! :) I am a geek, I know this. Anyway, it has received lots of wonderful comments, its in the DST Gallery Standout thread AND the Gallery Standouts blog. I never had one in the blog before and very few in the thread so I am triple happy this morning.
As Fast As A Train

And since I am showing things off! Take a look at some of the layout that the ladies have already completed for the challenge this week!



Since becoming a designer I dont scrap nearly as much as I used too. I really want to start doing more. I think I will. :) I am doing a challenge at Flickr called Project 365 where you take one photo a day for a year. May be I will start a challenge for myself where I do one layout a day. NOT! lol May be one a week though. That could work! Hope everyone has a beautiful day!

Monday, May 12, 2008

The weekend wasnt long enough.

Wow, what a weekend. It was long, but entirely too short at the same time. Things were busy, busy, busy! Friday I spent some time at Sean's house trying to get his cousin's dial-up hooked up. Way back in the day I worked for a top ISP in their dial up dept so I do know a little bit about the process. This is the first time I had worked with Vista but really, it wasnt that different. Easier to navigate I think. Anyway, I set up a new dialer, all I needed was his username, password and an access number. Easy. Right? WRONG! Holy mother of confusion. What's your username? I dont know. So I go and search for his username on the computer and find it. What's your password? I dont know. Do you know? How would I know your password? Oh. Ummm, it could be this, this, this, or may be this. But if thats not it, try this. OKAY! So then I call tech support. Lady answers the phone I say all I need is an access number. She says that there are none available for my area and I say that there must be. She looks again and VOILA a number. I repeat the number to her THREE TIMES to make sure I have it right. Yes, you do. Awesome, I will try to connect. Sneaky me, I called on a cell phone. Tech agents hate that, I know this because I hated it myself. ;) So I hear hold music. WHAT? She put me on hold without telling me? Thats rude. She is going to get a bad quality on this call. It gets worse for her though. The phone starts ringing and I hear her do her opening statement. I say to her, Wow, did you just TRY to hang up on me? She is confused. No, you must have been talking to someone else. Nope, it was you. Oh...ummm....ahhh....it must have disconnected. Nope, it didnt because I didnt hang up, it rang back. You tried to hang up on me. Then like a good agent (haha) she tried to swerve the conversation back to the connection issue. Were you able to connect? Nope, some man answered. It was a bad number. She replies, wow thats weird. Yeah. Weird. Ya got another number? Nope, thats it. May be its the dialer? It cant be the dialer, I reply, its the number. It might be the dialer. ITS NOT THE DIALER! However, if you want, we can try that. You have to make sure you delete all the old dialers or it wont let you connect. Why? I dont know, it just wont connect. Thats not true, I reply, you can have more then one dialer on a computer. Nope, you cant. FINE, I WILL DELETE THE OTHER DIALERS BUT IT'S STILL NOT GETTING ME A NEW ACCESS NUMBER! I calmly reply. I tell her that when I go home I will go to their site and get a number myself. No, no, she is more then happy to help. RIGHT-O! So I politely say goodbye and hang up on her. Then I yelled a not very nice name at her while Sean's cousin starred at me with his chin on his chest. I am normally a very sweet person in front of them. lol Anyway, I went home and had the access number in 10 seconds. He was connected in no time. So I am better at tech support then tech support. Still cant believe that she was so 'smart' that she couldnt even hang up on me properly. At least I had that down pat. KIDDING! I never hung up on ANYONE! *evil laughter*
The rest of my weekend in photos....
Connor had a fantastic party! He had about 20 kids and loved each and every gift he received. Connor and his cousins.
We met Earl's girlfriend, Christine. She seems really nice and I love that she has my big bro whipped. ;)

It snowed on Mother's Day! Just when we were starting to get nice weather.
Anyway, this was suppose to be a quick post about the weekend. Not so quick. lol Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a terrific Mother's Day!

Friday, May 9, 2008

New product and a Coupon!!

Celebrations are all around me these last few days so I wanted to celebrate with you as well!! Thats why I am throwing out this coupon code! It is good for 30% off all of Photoshop Actions! Hurry though because it is only good through the weekend!!! AH-PSA-0108
Check out all of my actions here!

Overprotective Overlays Pack 2!!!! Created for the 'rectangle' scrappers!!! Have fun with these new divided page protector overlays. With four different designs the page ideas are endless! Add photos, elements, papers, alphas, fonts and anything else you can imagine for quick, flowing layouts. The pack comes with four 8x10 distinct overlays in PNG format.

I finished my garbage window! I couldnt sleep the other night so I got up, gathered some things from around the house and completed my project. I cannot show you today though because currently Sean is in my room sleeping after a back shift. May be I can update later with a photo. Anyway, its a 2x2 layout. Biggest layout I have ever made and let me tell you, the trickiest. There was hot glue, regular glue, scissors, paint, glaze, ribbon, photos, paper, old garbage window, flowers, leaves, trimmmers, and time involved. Its done though. Whew.

Yesterday was Connor's birthday! My baby turned SIX! What a big boy. I am super proud of him. For a fun surprise yesterday I went to the bakery and ordered a birthday muffin for him. The lady was really excited to make it when I told her what I was doing! It was a plain vanilla muffin with blue icing and sprinkles! I headed over to the school and surprised Connor with it at lunch. He came running to the door wearing his big blue paper crown yelling, Mommy, I am the KING! And sure enough, his crown announced that he was indeed, King! All of his classmates were running around me telling me how exciting the morning had been. They all sang Happy Birthday to him, he got to wear the cool crown AND now he had a special birthday muffin just for himself! What a great day to turn 6! After school we took him to McDonald's for a treat. We came home and baked a cake for Sean who is celebrating his birthday today!! We baked Sean a 'dream cake' which he really liked! Tomorrow is Connor's party and I will definitely be taking lots of photos and sharing!
Here is a quick shot of my BIG BOY on his birthday!

Notice the mark under his lip? He has been sucking on his lip and its all broken out. I took this photo from standing above him. Check out the Notebook Challenges this month at the Guild, they are all about new perspectives!!
Now I have to get back to work, busy weekend ahead of us!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Iron Man!

Connor and Sean are both completely obsessed with Iron Man. OBSESSED!!! Its unreal. Every time we say, what do you want for supper tonight? Connor screams BURGER KING because they have the toys. We went there the other night and the young man working gave Connor two toys because he just thought that they were so cool and that he needed them both. Men. lol Today I said I had to do my photo and of course who wanted to be the star? Iron Man himself!
So I thought I would have fun with it and give it an almost newspaper feel with my Grainy Day Photo PS Action.
Scrapping! The Scrappy Awards have begun over there at DST and I HAVE BEEN NOMINATED (four times!)!! WHOOT WHOOT! Its all so exciting. I have no chance of actually winning but its still nice to be recognized! :) Speaking of scrapping I havent scrapped in a few days. Well, I havent completed anything in a few days. I have a page started for my challenge this week. What would YOU do with a million dollars? Scrap about it and post at the GUILD!! We would love to see! I just installed PSE 4, courtesy of Sean's uncle and am learning the ropes. It is pretty easy to figure out but it annoys a bit because I already know how to complete everything in PS. I dont have a very good attention span these days. :)
Working on some new products that will hopefully be in the store Friday! Yippee!! My Overprotective Overlays were quite the hit and I have had a few ladies ask about some rectangle ones. Getting to work on those as well! They should be ready by the weekend as well. I love digital. Its the best. ;) I should be going to bed now. Busy day ahead of us tomorrow.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Look at that elephant dance!

I have no idea what to title this post as so I decided to go with something a little bit silly. My life is so full of things that need to get done right now. Well, I guess thats always the way huh? I have started getting out the invites for Connor's party on Saturday! I can hardly believe that my baby boy will be SIX on Thursday. I will never forget the day he was born. Wow, it was quite the journey we went through. I went into labor at around 1am and did not deliver him until 10:30pm. The longest, most painful day of my life but definitely worth it. Man, when the nurse handed Connor to me I was instantly filled with love and devotion. I was yelling at them to hurry and pass me my precious new bundle. LOL NOT! Oh man. I was terrified. The nurse had to literally drop him on my chest and run, for me to pick him up. My first feelings were not love and devotion, I was beyond terrified at this little stranger looking up at me. I could not believe that they were going to trust me with something so small and so trusting. I had no idea how we were going to make it through but we were going to give it our best. That night after everyone had left and the halls were empty, I laid in bed starring over at this little boy in the cradle next to me. He still didnt have a name at this point. He had a little card above his head that stated all of his facts, but no name.
I was laying there wondering how on Earth we were going to make it through the night, let alone the world. Then the nurse came FLYING into the room. Your mother called she said, no one took any photos of the baby. lol Can you imagine? The first laughter we shared. Ok, I laughed and he just laid there but still, it was a great moment. Lots of pictures came after those ones. As scared as we both were that night, I think we have done pretty well together. Connor is definitely trying at times but for the most part, he is such a fantastic little boy. I wouldnt trade him for the world. Every day that I share with him is one I treasure, even when I threaten to ship him off to his father's place. ;)
That night when I had started pushing my mother came to me and said, Sean wants to know if you can hold off for another two hours. WHAT? Sean and I were just friends then. His birthday was the next day and he thought that it would be so cool if I had the baby on his birthday. I politely and calmly replied with a 'no.' Ok, more like I scream, IS HE OUT OF HIS MIND! at the top of my lungs. lol So Connor was born one day, Sean celebrated his birthday the next. Now we all celebrate together. On Friday evening we will have a cake for Sean and some balloons. Should be fun! Some Walmart photos of Connor when he was a baby!

Holy long post, right?
I will sum up. Yesterday was wonderful. I spent the whole day at my parents' house hanging out with my Dad. Man, did he work me. We did a lot of work out in the yard, went for a 5k walk, did more work out in the yard. Unreal how that man can go. I worked on my garbage window! YAY! Got it painted. Now to put it together. We had a visitor yesterday.
I got my first (and last) sunburn of the year. Not the greatest picture but oh well.

I just came in from playing outside with Connor. The kid has SO MUCH ENERGY and I just want to flop out on the couch. Alas I cannot, I have to get this house ready for the weekend.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

National Scrapbooking Day

ITS HERE! ITS HERE! NSD has arrived and oh the fun of it all! I am just amazed at the amount of activity at all of the sites. Its so wonderful. I truly enjoy seeing how excited people get about it. So many people share this hobby and its very inspiring to me. Way back in the day I had originally started out as a paper scrapper. I wasnt a good paper scrappy mind you. I thought I was. lol I had fun and that is the best thing. Today I headed to Michael's first thing in the morning. They are having their grand opening celebrations this week so I grabbed my coupons and away we went. Connor had a blast making his very own velvet art bookmark. He was so proud of himself. He also asked if I would teach him how to scrap using 'real' paper. lol How cute is that! Of course I said yes and we went ahead and bought some paper. He had lots of fun picking out his papers. They dont match AT ALL but he had fun. I also had fun, I once again bought things that I cannot afford to purchase right now. I CANNOT HELP THAT I AM ADDICTED! Only with lots of paper and paint, I purchased a new trimmer. (50% off thank you very much!)

I also bought a corner punch, however I accidentally grabbed the wrong one. Oops. So the next time he is in the city, Sean is going to buy me a regular round corner punch. I have this one now. (Also 50% off!)

I have been SO BUSY with digital stuff as well. It seems like I get nothing done but I really do! I swear it! I am completely in love with my newest product, Overprotective, I REALLY AM! They are so fun, so quick, so versatile. This is another layout I created yesterday for my dear sweet man.

They are in the store this weekend at 50% so go and GRAB THEM! ONLY $1.50!!! (USD)

Melly, if you read this. DO I EVER USE A LOT OF EXCLAMATION POINTS! I didnt notice until you mentioned it to me. We should start a club. ;)

I hope EVERYONE had the best NSD yet! Now stop reading and go scrap!

Friday, May 2, 2008

The weekend is upon us!

So is National Scrapbooking Day!! WAHOO!! ITS TOMORROW PEOPLE! Thats so cool. I am such a geek. lol Anyway!!
In celebration of National Scrapbooking Day, May 3rd, my WHOLE STORE is on sale at 50% starting today until Sunday!! I have also been busy busy busy trying to get some new products in the store for you all to enjoy!! In spirit of the weekend I am also going to have a fun challenge!!! If you purchase any of my NEW products (meaning the ones below), create a layout, post in the Guild or NDISB gallery and PM me the link, I will send you a coupon for 25% off your NEXT purchase. (Coupon will be effective starting Monday May 5th.) Also!!! One lucky person will win a $10 GC for any product in my store!!! So take a peek at my new products for May and then go SHOPPING!! WAHOO!!! :D
Overprotective Overlays pack! Comes with 4 different PNG style overlays! You can have so much fun with these! Fill the pockets with photos, elements, papers, alphas, stamp on them, journal on them, get creative with them!!

Do you have Photoshop? Do you love actions? Well then you just have to check out my new action, Tone It Down! This action takes your colored photos and adds a hint of sepia tone for a cool new look. This action was created in PSCS2 and I cannot guarantee that it will work in other programs.

And the paper pack that I introduced yesterday, Funky Dayz!

Of course I just HAD to play with these page protectors, I just love them! They are super fun to play with! They almost have a template feeling to them. The layout is there, you just need to fill in the blanks. ;) I created this layout of my son, Connor, with the oh so amazing Guild kit for this month, Ready For Prime Time.

Oh and remember my layout from yesterday? Speak to me? WELL the one and only Miss Debb Cozzi added it to the gallery standouts today!! I am TOTALLY EXCITED! Thanks sweetie!!

Hope everyone has a Scrap-a-licious weekend! :)