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Sunday, April 26, 2009

How to: Felt Flower Hair Clips

If you are anything like me, you love all things girly.  Being the mother of a boy, I do not have many opportunities to buy/make girly things.  No matter how many times I try to convince Connor to let me make him dresses or hair bows, he always says no.  Go figure.  lol   With his birthday party coming up, I thought I could take advantage of the opportunity and make some girly things for prizes.    I made some hair bows, check them out!  :)  Images straight off the camera, so please excuse. 

What you Need:



embroidery floss


hot glue gun and glue


hair clips

First cut out four squares of felt.  Small squares for small bows, large squares for large bows. ;)  Cut the end of the square into a half moon shape, these will be your petals.


Thread your needle, tying a knot at the end of your string.  Next take one of your pieces of felt and fold it in half, then fold back the edges to create a little accordion. 



Stick the needle through the straight end of your petal, pull to the knot, continue with the next three petals.


Pull the thread taunt and tie into a knot.  Now play with your petals and flatten them out so they are even. 


Sew your button to the middle of the flower.  Now your flower is complete.  Simply use your hot glue to attach the clip to the make of the flower.  Done.  :)


The rest of my 365 photos for the week….

Day 110


What?  What is that number?  Oh THAT is a size TWELVE pair of jeans that I am wearing these days.  Yeah, much better then the size 16s I was wearing a few months ago.  MUCH better!  :)

Day 111


Fighting Ninjas???  Connor always has some sort of pose happening.

Day 112


Connor’s room…

Day 113





LOL  What do grown adults do on a Saturday afternoon?  They go see Monsters Vs Aliens and then spend the rest of the day playing with the glasses.  Or at least that is what Sean and I did, we took my Dad too!  We all highly recommend it.  IN 3D of course!!  I love BOB.  Seth Rogan is paving the way to making geeks the new Sexy!!!


Day 114

This is my new friend, is she not ADORABLE???  She is a Momiji doll and she is such a sweetie.  :)


Tomorrow begins a new week….where did April go?

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