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Monday, November 5, 2007

Where have I been hiding?

Wow, life does seem to get in the way of playing now doesn't it? I am happy to say that things are getting back into a normal routine. Fingers crossed. The last two weeks have been crazy hectic. Nan ended up in the hospital but is back home and doing fabulous! Halloween!! WOW, my kid has more of a social life then myself!! Parties left, right and center! We went trick or treating and he was VERY reluctant and just wanted to go home. Can you believe that? Kids these days have so much that Halloween just isn't what it use to be. When we were young it was the one time a year that we got LOADS of FREE treats. We ran as fast as we could from door to door. Went home to reload!! lol Growing up in a house with one income and four kids was not the best for treats. Halloween was the one time that we got everything for ourselves! We didnt have to share! We did mind you, we traded goodies. I will give you two Snicker bars for 6 rockets. Come on people that was a good deal. TWO bars for some measly candies. Ahhh, good times.
My little Darth Vader. Connor has never seen the Star Wars movie, he knows DV from a video game he LOVES to play! Obsessed with that game like Mommy is to digi scrapping!

Sean and I were invited to an adult Halloween party this year. It was so much fun! It was strange to see people that I have known of years let loose and have fun. I know all of Sean's coworkers from the Christmas parties and weddings but there were always children around. This is the first time it was just adults and boy did we have fun! We didnt have much time to prepare costumes so I went as a witch and Sean painted his face to look like a skull. He did a pretty good job too! Especially considering it was his own face!!

I also threw on my hat to go Trick or Treating with Connor. We got Tracey to snap a few pictures before we left. By the end of the evening I had completely removed my accessories.

Yesterday we took Connor skating for the first time! He had gone twice before with his Dad but this was the first time I had seen him skate. I was so proud of him. He wanted to go by himself and no matter how many times he fell he got right back up and tried again. I am seriously considering buying myself a pair of skates to go with him some time. Sean too! The three of us can hold each other up! lol

I have also been really wanting to scrap. I havent had the time really to sit down with anything for awhile. Last night I said I was taking some time to do a layout. I have only ever taken part in the Digi Dares once or may be twice but I was very inspired this week. Not that they arent normally inspiring, they always are! Just I dont normally have the time.

Now its time to get some work done. :) Hope every had a great weekend.

Friday, September 28, 2007

A New Season, A New Look

A new look? A new look? Well, its about time, isnt? With so much on my plate lately I have found that I havent been keeping up with some things. This blog being one of them. I told myself that I would not let another blog go down the drain and I dont want to let that happen! So I thought that it was in dire need of a facelift. I thought it being Autumn, that this was a good fit for at least a few months. I created this header using elements from my new kit DelightFall, in the store on Monday October 1st! The digital scrapbook combo pack includes 8 papers, 20 elements, one bonus Ready Made Page tm and if you purchase it during the month of October you also get the matching alpha, free as a gift with purchase! :) Pretty good deal if I do say so myself!

All proper credits will be found in the TOU. :)

The Biggest Loser Challenge! Wow, things are really going great for everyone at the site. I cannot say enough how proud I am of everyone. I know myself, I have not been the best this week but I am better then I have been. To me, thats progress and I am happy about it. I had big plans on going for a nice long walk today but its raining cats and dogs out there. Looks like there will yoga time for Mommy this evening. Connor will be heading out to my parents for the evening and he is really looking forward to it. He was sick most of the week and missed out on a lot of play time. Its good to have him back in action, even if that means driving Mommy nuts with sound effects. The start of the weekend!!! YAY! We are hoping to get to a show this evening. We used to enjoy going to the show so often but now its a rare treat for us. It has been so long I dont even know any of the movies playing. Its my turn though so that makes me happy! Gotta love the give and take of relationships. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Biggest Loser Challenge

Today is the start of Week 2 of the Biggest Loser Challenge at DSAG! I am very happy to report that I lost 5lbs this week!!! YAY! I must say that the support from the other ladies has really helped me along. Even Sean is being good, for the most part, so that just makes me so happy. Years of struggling with my weight has really brought me down. Having no real support system in my 'real' life has been difficult for me. Now that I have the Gigis backing me up, I feel better about it all. :) Some of the best ladies around. They also told me about Spark People. Another addiction for me to face. lol Its such a great site. ITS FREE! You can keep track of your nutrition, calories, exercise, you can set goals for yourself. Have some photos, a journal, friends, join other teams! So much to do, so little time. Its all been great! I look forward to the next 11 weeks! I know that there will be ups and downs. I realize that I will have bad days and I will have great days. I just have to learn to focus on the ups instead of the downs, the great days instead of the bad ones. Just because I mess up one day doesnt mean that my week is ruined. I think I have to learn to think more positively which is hard for me. Here are my before pictures.

So here is hoping that this time I lose the weight and keep it off!! I want to be a healthier person both for myself and for Connor. I want him to have a mom that can keep up with him, which will be hard since he is SUCH a bundle of energy. It would be great for me to join a sports team. I know there are some ladies who play soccer in the summer. May be I could join them next season.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Capturing the World One Click at a Time

Tracey asked if we could take some photos of her, Shane and Connor. Here are some of the results.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Getting Back On Track!

Oh me oh my things have been hectic lately! I am so very thrilled to have finally established a routine in this household. :) Now that Connor is in school we have no choice but to have set guidelines to follow. It has been really great for everyone! I know that I am getting more done these days! Especially with my designs. Its all coming together slowly but surely! New products in the store tomorrow!!!!

Just because I havent been posting, doesnt mean I havent been shopping!!!! I have been doing a lot of shopping! :) Too many to post all at once so I will just randomly pick some today! Let's start with Lie Fhung! Now this is a lady who truly loves to design. You can tell by her elements how much time and effort goes into each and every piece! Love her stuff. She has a new fan. My favorite thing ever? The calendar! WOW! I have only worked on mine for about 20 minutes and its almost done. Now THAT is amazing. I am going to have a few done up and printed out for Christmas. I really thing that they will be a huge hit!

I just think all of her stuff is amazing. Here is what else I received!

Tomorrow ITS MILLER TIME! Gina Miller that is. Come and see what I received from her store. Lots and lots and lots and lots of goodies!

Oh and I just wanted to mention that I am out of my scrapbooking rut!! These are the pages I created using Becky Higgin's sketch challenge. Thanks for the nudge Bek! If you participate in Bek Cutshaw's challenge to use Becky's sketch you have a chance to win $50 dollars worth of product. Check out the details at DSAG under the designers challenges!!

All credits can be found with the original post in my gallery at DSAG!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Kids going back to school???

Brand new today at the Guild, I have a new product for all those school layouts! Connor is starting school on Thursday *sniff sniff* so I wanted a fun and bright kit to scrap the millions of photos I know I will take! So I created a combo pack, School Rulz! It comes with 8 different papers, and 20 unique elements! PLUS when you buy the CP, you get a free Ready Made Page tm with it! ANNNNND if you buy it during the month of September, you get a FREE gift with purchase, my School Rulz Alpha!!! All of this for JUST $5.99 and ONLY at the Guild!!! Come visit my shopppe!

So I went shopping again!!! Its amazing the wonderful things that I have missed in the digi world. Its only been in the last 6 months that I find myself learning more and branching out, thanks to the ladies of the Guild! Yesterday, and today, in my travels, gift certificates in hand, I went to visit The Shabby Shoppe and Traci Reed's Studio and found a goalmine of good digi stuff! I love stuff! Here is what I bought from the Princess! Her store is just sensational!

And here is what I bought from Traci Reed whose store is just so FUN!

So you can all imagine how busy I have been lately and much fun I have been having!!! Here is a layout I created last night with a collab kit by SP and CDR!

On the photos in that layout, I used my Urbanize Me Photo Action from Amy Eileen's Essential Photoshop Actions Pack One! Also can be used in PSE!!! Again, only at the Guild!

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, August 31, 2007

A New Day, a New Shopping Experience

How wonderful it is to be browsing all these stores in search of scrapping goodies! I received an email from Corel yesterday and the PSPXI will be on its way shortly. I am really happy about that, learning the program will be such a help to me! My latest shopping trip involved Pickleberry Pop, which is such a cool name, and Plain Digital Wrapper, which is anything but plain let me tell you! Here are my goodies!

From Pickleberry Pop

and from Plain Digital Wrapper

So much great stuff! And some really wonderful sales and deals going on right now!! Oh and last night I joined Shutterfly.com. They have some really great stuff on there! Hello Christmas presents! :)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Amazing Digi Scrap Race Season 2 Winners!

My partner and I, Rachel, won the ADSR!! We were both so excited! Seems everyone knew before us! lol The last 24 hours have been SOOOOO exciting!! So I thought that I would show everyone what I purchase from all these wonderful shops as the prizes roll in! Everyday I will choose a different store and post what I purchased there! :) Sounds like fun to me! This morning I received my email from Shannon @ DST! I am now set up until August 2009!!! My ever generous and beautiful partner already has a Diamond Membership so she gave me her prize as well. LOVE IT! So I downloaded Summer Time Fun by Gina Cabrera! and its just packed with lots of beautiful goodies!

My next stop of the day was KB and Friends! Which is a fabulous store for people who are addicted to heritage layouts! Lots and lots of wonderful things in their store. Here is what I purchsed with their gift certificate.

The mice are my fave and I plan to scrap them first! My Dad called me Mouser while I was growing up so they are perfect embellishments for that story! :) Stay tuned for tomorrow's purchases!!!

Special thank you to Rachel, DST and KB & Friends!