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Thursday, May 28, 2009

A few quick photos….

I have a horrible cold, still.  I have been sleeping like a fool lately.  Apparently I was kind enough to share the germs with my father and he is now suffering with me.  Today we hung out and complained together.  I slept for two hours on his couch. I fell asleep while we were watching the news.  Poor Dad.  Had to listen to my wheezing the entire time.  lol  Anyway…. some photos… straight off of the camera!

Day 141

I apparently missed it.  I will have to check Sean’s phone to see if I snapped any on that.

Day 142


I ordered this “canvas” print from Artscow.  It was on sale and it only cost me $18.99 for the 16x20 and free shipping.  Its a paper that has a canvas like texture to it.  I like it.  Just to find where to hang it and how.  May be a simple black frame with no glass?  Here is some detail.


Day 143


Connor in bed for the night.  He actually came into my bed to “comfort” me because I wasnt feeling well.  He is an incredibly sweet and caring child when he wants to be. 

Day 144


My latest publication!  That is my layout on the bottom left, Adventure.  Connor loves being in magazines.  This one is Canadian Scrapbooker and will hit the shelves on Monday, June 1st. 

Day 145


Jennifer bought Connor this water blaster for his birthday and today was the first chance he got to use it.  I filled it all the way and it was so heavy he could barely lift it so we only fill it halfway now.  lol  Here he is trying to wet me through the window.  ;)  All of my photos are photos of Connor…hmmmm…..  I need some new subjects.  Any volunteers???? 

Sunday, May 24, 2009

It was the little green man that did it! *Picture Heavy*

Only my friend Jennifer will understand the title to this post but I just couldnt think of anything to type.  ;)  This week has been nonstop, go, go, go…  I did manage to squeeze in some fun times though!  My weekend in photos….

I called my niece and asked if her and her man would like to get some pictures taken.  (I only promised her a million times and never found the time.)  We didnt have much time and it was COLD but I think we got a few nice shots.  I havent finished editing them but here are a few of my faves.  :)

I give you Jessica and Michael!  Are they not a gorgeous pair?  :)


I just love the framing!  :)

DSC_0176-2 copy

This is Sean’s favorite.


I love the look on Jesse’s face!  lol

DSC_0139 copy

Michael is such a doll!  Nan ADORES him.  I think she would trade us all in for clones of him.  lol

DSC_0160 copy

Cute!  Cute!  Cute!


Day 137


We were in a restaurant so I just bumped the ISO to 1600 and did a quick snap.  Dont you hate it when you are out eating and the people in the next booth keep flashing over and over!  I do.  Its all about the mood lighting!

Day 138


I wanted to go to the fabric store so I bribed Connor with ice cream.  Bad parenting, may be, but it worked.  ;)


Day 139

We took Connor to see Night at the Museum 2 and stopped at the circus on the way home.  I have a video of us on the Ferris Wheel.  Will have to  upload that to YouTube and share another day.  This is with Connor’s camera.






That is Sean on the ground, we were stopped at the top.

Didnt the sky look great?  Sean took this one…


Day 140


What?  No, nothing like his father.  *sarcastic, in case ya didnt get that*  At the charity car wash…

We went to my cousin’s wedding.  I had fun.  Everyone had fun with my camera…  The following were taken by me, Sean, my mother, my father, may be my brother, perhaps an uncle or an aunt…..


LOL  I swear I only had two coolers.  I taught my mother how to use the camera.


I think I danced with everyone but mostly my Dad.  I danced for over 2 hours straight.  In heels.  Ouch.  Like my sunburn?


Mom took this one.  lol


My brother Mark and his wife Christa.



I told my Uncle Matthew I wouldnt put it on Facebook but I said nothing about my blog.  ;)  HI AUNT TRENA!


Me and my woman!


Pretty sure Christa took this one without even looking through the viewfinder.


He looked bored.  Sooooo…….







That look of pain is real!  Dad grabbed me to give me a kiss as I went to get up and I snapped a muscle in my  neck.  Sean was so proud of himself for capturing my pain.  Men.  Argh!  lol  I am a little sore but ok now.  It did not stop me from partying…





My Uncle Richard laughed at me.  A lot.  No really, a lot.  That is Uncle Paul in the background.  He laughed at me a lot as well.

DSC_0293 Meet Aunt Shari and Uncle Wayne who came home for the wedding.  Shari tells it like it is and Wayne cheats at board games.  I just love them!  :)

Hope you all had a great weekend!  To my American friends, hope you are STILL having a great long weekend!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You will say WOW every time!

We were at the store when Connor heard the announcement that they were going to be doing a ShamWow demonstration.  He started yelling that we had to go and off we went.  When we got to the aisle he was running and yelling at me to run.  Everyone laughed but I refused to speed up.  lol  The man doing the demonstration was so impressed with Connor that he gave us 25 samples!  Plus, Connor and I managed to convince Sean we needed the bundle.  Yes, I fell for direct marketing.  Shame on me.  lol  When we came home, Connor insisted on doing his own demonstration and asked me to photograph it.


I Wub You by Gina Miller for both layouts on this page.

Yesterday was my nephew’s birthday and when we were arriving at the party, I noticed an eagle sitting on the edge of the cliff.  Couldnt pass that up!  :)  So I yelled at Dad to pull over.

Day 135



I asked Dad to take a picture of me and Mom.  We dont really have many nice pictures of us together and I thought it was a good opportunity since we were both wearing make up.  ;)

mom and me

Not long after we took this picture, my mother spotted the eagle through the window and we went outside to see if I could get a closer shot.  The street where the party was held is no longer fully open.  Part of the cliff gave way a few years back and the town had to fence off the area.  Well, my mother decided that she was going to go behind the fence to see a little bird that was sitting on the guard.  Quite the scene we were!


Day 136

I just realized that I didnt take a photo today so I snapped this.  The corner of my desk where I keep my latest magazines, my scrap albums, my church grim sculpture that my brother bought me, Grimy, as I call him, and my newest little treasure, the box Connor bought me for Mother’s Day.  Does the kid not know his mother or what?  Perfect little memento box for  me.


I am feeling rather ill this evening so I am going to drink some Neocitran and hit the hay.  Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, May 18, 2009

My weekend in photos…


Before the rush of the day began, Sandy and I sat out on the porch in the sun.  Sandy has become a sweet friend to me, strange, I know.


Don’t tell Nan I took this photo of her!  Its our little secret!  ;)  I spent most of the day cleaning her place.  She will be 93 in a month!


I caught Sean doing this!  WAAAAAAY back in the day when he first moved here, he had long wavy blond hair.  Seriously, he could have been a Fabio impersonator.  Now that it is thinning on top, he gets rid of all of it. 


Getting my eight glasses of water in!  :)  I took all my breaks on the step to enjoy the weather.


We are getting lobster next weekend!  Hmm…. the boats were hard at work this weekend.


The oldest candle I have ever seen in person.  lol  Cute little fella, he is only about an inch tall.


I was cleaning the inside of Sean’s car and accidently left it in Running and drained the battery.  Oops.  His sister’s man came to my rescue.  Thanks Harry.


When Sean left me in the car alone, I changed the wallpaper on his phone to one of my layouts.  Hehehehe…


Boo came for coffee with us on Sunday.  She was sad that her balloon from Connor’s party got away from her.  Lucky her!  I had some leftovers in my purse!


I made a coffee cozy for my tea!  :)  Isnt it darling?  Emma asked me why my cup needed a coat.  lol  Too cute!  She even reminded me not to throw it away.



To get a photo of my father without a funny face, just wait 10 more seconds.  lol


Dude, just because you are getting old doesnt mean you have to dress like a thrift store rocker.  Seriously, throw the jacket away!  Ick.  Needless to say, I dont like Sean’s vintage tweed thing…yes, thing!


I have been living off of Cream of Wheat this weekend.  Why?  I dont know.  It just is really yummy to me right now.  Sean makes it better than I do.

Last night I stopped taking photos but I watched some TV, mailed some letters and ran.  I ran 1.3km!!!  Go me!  So proud of myself.  From not being able to run at all to being able to run over a km and not die, its a great feeling.

365 photo!

Day 132

I am writing the company for Neo Shifters, they are NOT easy to snap together.


Day 133


Day 134


A layout I made this weekend with Gina Miller’s kit, I Wub You, that I purchased for $1!  Great deal!  :)


Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend!  :)