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Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Little Bit Nutty!

What a wonderful day we had yesterday! Sean, Connor and I all packed ourselves into the car and headed to Mira for the day. It had been a few years since we had all been there together so I knew we were in for a treat. Also, I was going to get the chance to try out the new camera on the animals. And lets just say that wildlife are a lot like humans, if they dont want you to take their picture, they hiss, growl and jump at you! So the most entertaining portion of the day began right away. We were only in the park for about ten minutes when we spotted this cute little squirrel! I told the boys to stay back and be quiet, I was going to sneak up and try and take his photo. Well, much to our surprise, the little fella came right up to me and started doing these cute little poses. Soon he realized that we didnt have any food so he scampered away but it was a cute moment. Overall we took like, or ummmm, lets say 450 photos! lol But you know what they said take 50 and you get one real gem, right? I took some that I am totally in love with, mostly the squirrel! Last night I was up all night making a layout for the DSAG Creative Team and suprise, its the squirrel!
A Little Bit Nutty!

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day! If you want to see some more please stop by my Flickr Gallery, I have a whole set up dedicated to the day's adventures!
Red Fox!
Artic Fox!
Artic Fox Dozing
and last but not least, my new buddy, the Cougar!
Hard Thinker!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Trashed Regal!

I have been working on a kit for Saturday Night Live for the LONGEST time and nothing is coming to me! So to get my juices flowing I thought I would just mess around and see what came out of me. Well, I had been planning on making a red, black and white kit so I thought today was the perfect time for it. I got to work at the computer and everything just sort of flowed! I am so excited about this kit. I really love it. I have handed it out to a few of my cyber friends and am VERY excited to see what they do with the kit. Also, I know I am bias, but I love the layout I made with it!
Trashed Regal
At 26!
I knew I wanted to name it with something Regal but wasnt sure. I was discussing it with a friend and I said that the kit was also kind of trashy....and the name was born. Trashed Regal. I cannot believe how much fun I have learning to make these kits. The time just flies away from me! Its wonderful to have something that just makes you smile, even when it frustrates you! Now hopefully I will be able to jump back into my original project and be inspired. If anyone is interested in this kit, just drop me a line and I will get you a link.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Cherry On Top!

Its amazing the things you can accomplish in 24 hours. Especially if you only sleep for three of them. I stayed up late last night with a friend watching Shut Up and Sing. Then I had to do my Flickr photo for the day and was silly enough to open Photoshop. Now if you are anything like me, you do not open Photoshop unless you plan on spending some real quality time together. I started on a new kit. It started with, I will make 4 papers, a flower, a cherry and some ribbon. When I finished it this afternoon, it had 5 papers, flower, leaf, frame, alpha, numbers, cherry, ribbon, lace and lollipop! All in all though I am very happy with it. It reminds me of spring and today the sun came out so I think its a sign. I am also very happy because I posted it before I left this evening and when I came home there were SEVEN people who wanted it! That makes me SO happy! :)
Cherry On Top!
Also I finished two layout for the DSAG CT. I am in LOVE with the new kits they have coming from their store. Just amazes me the talent people have.

This evening I attended my first musical! We went to see the Pirates of Penzance and I must say that it was a different experience. It was quite amusing and their talent just shone through the theatre. I was very lucky to be able to attend. I was given permission by the folks at the theatre to take some pictures but I felt uncomfortable since no one else was allowed. I only snapped five which is very odd for me. I am not thrilled with the results but I am happy that I was able to take some photos.Pirates of Penzance!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Digi Diva!

On Monday it will be the one year anniversary of the day that I posted for the first time at a digital scrapbook site, that being Digital Scrapbook Place. I must admit that at first I was afraid to post, afraid that no one would like what I had to offer. However, I took the plunge and posted. I was so excited to get that first comment and every single comment afterwards. It is true that from that moment on I have been absolutely ADDICTED to digi scrappin'. In that one instant, I became a Digi Diva. I am very happy to say that I have come a long way in the past year. Most of what I have learned about the craft was at DSP. However, it was at DSP that I came meet Debb Cozzi. One of her layouts was the first to catch my eye and I just sat there starring at it. Hoping that one day I could be as talented as she was! Well, I am still not up to par with Debb but I am VERY happy to say that I am now a part of her creative team at Digital Scrapbook Artisan Guild!!

In the last year I have come such a long way with the help of all my online friends. I have taught myself, am teaching myself, Photoshop. I have learned SO much about design layouts and am now dabbling in element design. Today I posted a layout called Friends, of Courtney and myself when she was home visiting on the weekend. A few people mentioned that it would make a great quick click. SO I thought I had never made one before so why not start now! And so I did! So here is the original layout, credits can be found on the original layout in my DSAG gallery.
Friends layout!

Friends Contact Page

ALSO, I have made a few kits! This is my layest creation, I call it Kidz Kolorz and a layout made with it!

Kidz Kolorz!

Silly Faces

Thanks for looking! :) Oh and I am hoping to have these uploaded to my server shortly. If you would like them, just let me know.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

An Evening with Chantal.

Last night my friend Jason and I went to the Chantal Kreviazuk concert at the Savoy. I am SO glad that we ended up going. I had such a fantastic time while we were there. Chantal was there all alone and she was in a very chatty mood. She had us roaring with all of her quirkiness. She told us stories of different places she has played from Tokoya to Vegas, each story with its own interesting spin. *ding ding bloop bing bing* When I showed up, sitting anxiously waiting her arrival on the stage, I was not expecting to be entertained with her comical rants but with her music. Well, there was absolutely NO disappointment there. When she began to sing the her first note, the whole theatre silenced as we were overcome by the power and emotion in her voice. She was so dramatic and you knew by watching her that she truly loved where she was in that moment. I was truly captured by her, all of her, her voice, her music, her stories. I think I fell in love last night. I always truly enjoyed her music, I even own a CD or two but last night's performance has turned me into a true fan. I was in awe. My favorite part of the whole evening was when she explained to us the meaning behind her song "Ghosts of You." She explained that the song was written for her cousin, who she saw as a sister, who had died seven years ago. It was the anniversary of her death and so the song had an even more special place in her heart as she sang it. She requested that no one come or go during the song and the whole theatre was quiet. As she began to sing with such emotion it sent chills through me. I was literally on the edge of my seat just listening to every word that flowed from her. I sat there with my camera in hand but I hardly took any photos. I was too busy enjoying myself, that and I was afraid she might have yelled at me. She certainly has a strong personality to go with her strong vocals but that just makes me admire her more. She is strong, she is talented, beautiful, quirky, entertaining and a loving mother and wife. She is a woman that I am proud to say that I spent an evening with, even if it was from 100 feet away.

Chantal Kreviazuk

For more pics from the concert please visit my Flickr site.