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Friday, April 3, 2009

How to Make A Bunny Basket

Remember this post when I started making the Easter project?  Well, I am almost completely done now.  Today I made the bunny basket! 

What you need:

White basket (I got mine at the dollar store)

Felt pieces in white, pink and black

Chenille stems in white and black (we call them pipe cleaners here)

Pinking shears


Sewing machine

Take your white pieces of felt and cut out 4 long triangles, these will be your ears.  Cut out two smaller triangles in pink for the inside of the ears.


Now take your one of your pink pieces and sew it to the front of one white piece.  Now do the same for the next piece.  Now place the fr ont of the ear on the back piece of the ear and sew them together, repeating for the second ear.  DO NOT sew the bottom of the ears closed, we need a pocket there.  You could stuff them if you wanted!

We are now going to grab those chenille stems and bend each one in half, then put one into each ear through the bottom hole.  This will allow you to bend and shape the ears whichever way you want on your basket. 

Next simply glue the bottom of the ears to the INSIDE of the basket, this way it hides the messy bottom.  ;)

That was as hard as it gets.  Next simply cut out the eyes, glue them together and on the outside of the basket.  Cut out a nose from the pink felt and glue that on.


Lastly we take the black chenille stem and cut two small pieces off of it.  I used about two inches.  Twist the top of the two together, then bend the bottoms into a U shape, glue to basket making sure to stick the top under the nose.  Voila!  A bunny basket for your treats!

 Day 90


I was also scrapping yesterday.  I was inspired by Therese Rydstrom’s article "Less is More” in the Artisan Notebook this month and created this page!  I used the new Guild kit, Hillside Morning and my own Acidic Addictions PS Action available at NDISB.


Some 365 Photos!

Day 87


My creative space, my kitchen table.  LOL  You can see a little bit of everything, my sewing machine, my lomo camera, my ribbons, my tea, my computer info….

Day 88


I was try ing to get some texture shots and my battery died, this is all I have.  lol

Day 89


Have a good  day!

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