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Monday, June 23, 2008

Addiction Services Needed

I am completely addicted to Michael's.  ADDICTED!  I always find myself running there to buy things and yesterday was no exception.  The day before Sean was there and he bought me a book by Donna Downey called Photo Decor from the Yes, Its A Scrapbook Collection.  25 wonderful projects and I mean to complete most of them.  Last night I did complete one of them.  A quick memory box.  Ok, it wasnt as quick as I had originally thought it would be but it wasnt too bad.  I also managed to get a paper scrapbook page done which I will share later because I still have some journaling to do!  Here is my box which Connor has claimed for the shelve in his room.


This was just something I did to make sure I knew what I was doing.  I plan on making another one in a few weeks after we go on a day trip.  A nicer box as well with a clasp and some hinges, this one is just from the dollar store.  Paper is by Creative Imaginations, the wordart is from the dollar store, Americana paint, Epson photo paper and Mod Podge.

It appears we are about to have another thunder and lightening storm so I suppose I should go offline.  Hope everyone has a great day!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Guess what I did last night!

Yesterday we had quite the storm in our area.  Thunder, lightening, pouring rain and huge chunks of hail.  That was our day.  It was quite the event.  A house up the road from us was hit by lightening but no one was hurt, thankfully.  The kids were all in school when it was happening so Connor's teacher turned on some music and let them watch the rain.  They were joking about how the school yard looked like a swimming pool.  Too cute.  The internet was down for a lot of the day and it kind of felt like someone had stolen my arm.  I seem to have become very attached to my online activities.

I have started to read a new book,  Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende.  I purchased this book a few years ago but never did actually read it.  I started to once, I know this because there was a bookmark in the book.  The bookmark was the typical bookstore find.  Glossy paper with some sort of unknown flower on it.  BORING!  So what did I do to remedy my boring bookmark issue?  I designed one myself, based on a layout I did just recently, printed it, glued it to some cardboard and added a tassel.  SO COOL!  I will be the envy of all of my family and friends no doubt. ;)  I am, without a doubt, the coolest kid on my block.



Remember back when you were a kid and the teachers made you wrap your books in brown paper to protect them?  I SO wish that I digi scrapped back then.  I would have had the most incredible book protectors that EVER EXISTED.  Ok may be not that incredible but pretty darn impressive! ;)  Mind you, digi scrapping didnt exist back then.  I am so happy that it came into existence.  *sigh*  Its like dessert without the calories.  Hey, I like that, I am going to use that as my description for digi scrapping from now on.  Happy scrapping ladies!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Remember That Time

It took me a long time but I finally finished the kit I have been working on! Sitting back and relaxing with my friends a lot of the conversations start with "Remember that time we..." and that is what this kit is all about to me. Spending time with my friends and journaling about the incredible times we have shared together. This kit is perfect for so many different types of layouts including friendship and heritage layouts with its neutral palette.
Remember That Time Page Kit now in the store at NDISB.COM!

Last night after my boy had gone to sleep and Sean had left for work I decided to start a new layout. I was anxious to play with my new kit and I knew exactly what I was going to create. This layout is about the love I have for Sean, its not your typical I love everything about you and always have layout, its about reality. lol I am a romantic, I am, but this is more about real love, the kind of love that has its ups and downs. ;) I have also realized that Sean and I need some nice photos of the two of us together.

This week at the Guild my challenge is to create a layout that has something hanging on it! It could be your photos hanging, your title, or even your elements! If you have time and are feeling inspired, please go ahead and create a layout and link me up! Even better if you want to post your layout in our gallery! :) Here is my layout which I originally created for Fran's Scraplift with a Twist challenge over at NDISB.COM.

I am off now to read some blogs and get started on some challenges that I have been eyeing! Have a great hump day!

Friday, June 13, 2008

It's A Mad Wind Mommy!

Tell me, does that not sound like a lyric to a hiphop song? While we were walking to school this morning Connor mentioned that the trees looked like they were dancing. The farther along we went the stronger the wind got. He looked at me and said, Its a mad wind Mommy, really mad. I couldnt help but chuckle and agree. Today I promised myself that I would finish a combo pack that I have been working on. I havent even opened the folder. I have been scrapping. You see, there is this amazing new kit coming out in July and I love it and had to play. Yup. Its killing me that I cannot share it with you! Its the story of how I came to be. Its actually quite a funny story. You see, my parents had given up on having a girl. After three boys they decided enough was enough, they would never have a girl. They went out to a wedding reception, came home a little tipsy and decided to...well...you know. ANYWAY my mom told my dad to go and check the calendar to make sure it was safe. Dad checked, yuppers, good to go. Only thing...Dad checked the WRONG calendar. Oops. So they go their girl after all and it was completely worth it. I am the best thing that ever happened to them after all. My brothers? Nah, they just came along for the ride. ;) Kidding! So come July 1st, I will share. :)
I am ALMOST at my goal for the Run for the Cure! I wanted to raise $300 and am already at $270! Isnt that fantastic? That means I only have $30 left to go! :) Doing the happy dance! For every donation of $5 or more, I will give you my kit, Finding Hope, that I created specifically for the cause.

All you have to is go to my personal donation page (link below), make a donation of $5 or more and email me at (amyeileenhead at msn dot com) and I will send you the download link!
The kit contains 8 papers and 21 elements!
Here are some of the layouts spotted in the galleries!
By me...

Chris (aka WhisperPink)

Maggie (aka sandersmr)

Tiffany (aka twinkerbell)

Arent they all just so beautiful?
Now I am going to say that I am going to get some work done but in reality, I think I am going to go make a page for Frani's Scraplift with a Twist over at Natural Designs! Hope you have a marvelous weekend!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

For my MellyKat!

The only person who even remembers that I went dumpster diving! lol I finished this awhile back. I couldnt sleep one night so I got up to play. I used what I had on hand so it turned out nothing like I had originally planned but its still unique. I mean, how many other people have a 24x24 inch layout hanging above their bed. My ribbons fell so I do have to fix those but thats okay. The frame is black with glaze, the 'background paper' is black satin, some satin ribbon, some silk flowers, photos of Connor, some card stock and there you have it. The whole thing cost me...nothing. Everything I had on hand. :) Its not really a great photo though. I was standing on the edge of my bed trying not to kill myself. ;)

Because of the frame, it kind of has a shadow box feeling to it when you see it in person. Not too shabby I think. Thats all I have for today. I am dying to get something creative done today. Did I mention my sewing machine broke? IT DID! Grrr! I have so many things on the go and it just up and breaks. You would not believe the language that was coming out of me. So I am going to go to my mother's tomorrow and finish a few things. I think. I hope. Wait till you see my purse I am making! What? You want to see it now? But its all pinned and in pieces? Ok I will show you, since you asked nicely. ;)
This is it pinned.

And I stuck my camera inside so you could see the fabric. Pretty right? A little old lady-ish but I like it.

The pinning was insane but my mother was nice enough to help me out. She did however yell at me for not using the right interfacing. I honestly didnt think it would matter because the outside material is so stiff. Lesson learned.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

In the yard!

Today is Davis Day which means that there is no school in the afternoon. We decided that it was ok for Connor to miss this morning so he stayed home with me. After breakfast I did some scrapping. A layout I created for my dear friend, Fran. I was very happy to learn that we had been paired up this month. :) I created this layout, which is kind of out of my normal style I think, for her. I used an older Guild kit, Madame Papier and her Play House and also Shabby Princess' Rummage Chic kit.

Connor was after me to stop doing my 'homework' and to go and play with him. So I did. We took his bike out. The bike that I bought a few years ago and just YESTERDAY learned how to ride. He just wasnt grasping the idea of moving forward. Mind you, he has the break down pat. ;) So we spent a lot of the day out running and then laying in the sun. I took my camera out and started shooting from my position. I thought it was fun, Connor thought it was fun but everyone else probably thought I was nuts.
Some of my shots straight off the camera! I am weird, arent I? lol

I should note that I wasnt hurting Connor in that face squeezing shot. I was playing with him and he was laughing but there he looks like he is in pain! He wasnt, dont worry. Now we have to get him ready, his stepmother is taking him to the animal circus this afternoon. This kid is so lucky! I wish he really understood how privileged he really is!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I have a secret!

Ok. I have a secret. Want to hear it? Well, I cannot tell you because then it would not be a secret, now would it? ;) My dear Sean and I have been engaged now since the beginning of time and I have faith that some day the stars will align and we will actually get married. Fingers crossed. I have had my...I mean OUR, wedding planned since about an hour after I got my ring. ;) Yes, I was a bit excited. However, through out the years I have slowly seen bits and pieces of 'my' wedding being introduced into other people's weddings around me. I really do want my wedding to be unique from the others that happen around here SO Sean and I have been secretly re-planning our day. AND we are NOT going to share any of the details with ANYONE until the day is upon us. We have chosen new colors, though I am still head over heels for the pink, black and silver we originally planned on, new flowers, new invites, new favors, a few new songs, venues and cake are the same, but LOTS of new stuff. Its so exciting for me! I found myself yawning at my old plans, sort of a been there, done that sort of thing. This new wedding? Its going to be awesome, naturally. ;) (Yes, Jennifer, I will share with you, but you and only you.)
I am renewed in spirit and mind! Sean originally said that I would change my mind about things a million times but I havent! This is the first major change and we both agreed. He is so easy to get along with. I do believe its because I am cheap. lol I look at things and say, is this different? How cheaply can I get it done with it still being nice? I do believe that you can have a nice wedding without spending a fortune. WHY would you want to have an event that is going to put you into major debt just to show off? I would much rather have a nice wedding without the added stress. My father wishes we would all just go south, get married and have a party on the return. I think its a great idea but I want my family and friends with me on my day. So does Sean. Ok, so to leave you with something my last wedding planned was nicknamed 'Sophisticated Romance,' my new wedding plans are nicknamed "Naturally Beautiful." Can you guess what it will be like? :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

FREE 'Finding Hope' Charity Kit with Donation!

I am participating in the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure, on Sunday, October 5th and I am asking for your support for a cause that is very important to me. I am running for my mother is a survivor!

Help create a future without breast cancer by making a donation today! Donating online is quick, easy and secure. Your donation will be added to the critical funds raised by the Run, and will be directed towards research, education and awareness programs.

Thank you. I appreciate your support!

For every donation of $5 or more, I will give you this kit that I created specifically for the cause. All you have to is go to my personal donation page (link below), make a donation of $5 or more and email me at (amyeileenhead at msn dot com) and I will send you the download link! You MUST use your name in the donation for it to count because otherwise I will not know. :)
The kit contains 8 papers and 21 elements!
You can make your donation by going here to my personal page!

Thank you again and have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

What does summer mean to you?

That is the question that my dear friend Maggie has asked for her journal prompt last week. What does summer mean to me?

Summer means reading a great novel, wrapped in a blanket in a chair, on my step, at night while the world is quiet, the air is cool and my boy sleeps soundly close by.

It means the smell of fresh cut grass wafting through the air to my eagerly awaiting senses.

Cool water splashes on hot days.

Having my friends and family poke fun at me because I am the messiest watermelon eater ever!

Watching fireflies at night with a very excited little boy.

Being a tourist in my own town.

There are so many things I love about our very short lived Canadian summers. One thing that I am certainly looking forward to is watching my boy grow as an athlete. Yesterday at soccer he truly amazed me. He listened! Most of the time anyway. ;) He is very eager. He made an impressive safe and an even more impressive goal. Thats my boy!

OH! And so there I was telling Connor that he wouldnt be on the red team this year. Well, he wasnt originally. He was on the maroon team but there were so many small children we asked for him to be switched to the red team. SO he was very happy to be back in red! We went to the field again today to play with Sean. I just about died because I have a horrible cold/sinus infection but we played! Why? Because you do not promise a 6yr old that you will play and then not play. Note to mothers everywhere, do NOT make promises when you are on the verge of being sick because then you WILL BE sick and you will suffer for that smile. ;) Have a great night!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Soccer Mom

(photos from 2007, unedited and blurry)
So my darling little son told me that he did not want to go back to soccer this year. After the fights we had last year I wasnt about to argue. Anyway, then he told his father that he did indeed want to go. Then told me that he didnt but he would go and he would be happy about it. HA! We will see about that! lol So in anticipation of the season starting I packed up a bag for us yesterday. When I picked him up at school we crossed the street to the field. The school field was occupied. Actually, the other field was as well but there were only two high school boys training. I felt a little out of place, let me tell you, I had two young shirtless boys playing soccer on one side of the field, and two young shirtless boys on the other side of me playing basketball. There I was with my chubby bum running around in the grass and mud yelling 'the side of your foot, the side of your foot, no hands, no hands, dive for it, dive for it' over and over again. The really fun part was when I slipped on the wet grass and went flying into the mud. Connor LAUGHED AND LAUGHED AND LAUGHED at me. Ashamed to say that he gets that from his mother. ;)

We were there for about an hour and a half with a five minute break for snacks and water. It was quite grueling on me. I was sweating, I was breathing heavy, I felt like I was going to fall over but I was having lots of fun with my son. It was a great experience for both of us. I promised him that we would do it again in a few days. He wanted to know if I could play with him and the other kids today. Ummm nope. Dont think they would like it if Mommy was out on the field with the rest of the 5 & 6 yr olds. What a sight I would be! I think that we will go back again once or twice a week. He will be playing twice a week with the team so I dont want to over work him. Not that the kid EVER runs out of energy. His teacher told me how energetic he was at school yesterday. We played soccer for an hour and a half, he ran home from the field and I was still after him to get to sleep at 8pm! People say I could make some money if I could bottle it up but I say I would be a BILLIONAIRE! ;) Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I am a slacker. I know!

This morning when I opened my inbox I had the funniest comment from Melly! (See my last post comments) I know I have been slacking on my blogging lately. Life has been....aggravating. Did you ever have a moment where you thought that moving to a foreign country, changing your name to Annabelle and pretending you were a princess was a good idea? ME TOO! Anyway, lots has been going on! People home from away, normal family drama, friends popping up everywhere, its crazy how busy we have been. Plus I have something extra on the go that I am trying to prepare for! I will share that soon! I am REALLY hoping to get a good response so you will see me around a LOT. :) What has happened?
I am down to 178lbs! Go me. So that's what? Four pounds in two weeks. That's not too shabby. Especially since I have done very little of anything. Have to boost my motivation.
I have a new kit in the store! Its called Southern Comfort!

The ladies at the Guild have been busy busy busy creating beautiful layouts with it this week. Each and everyone of them is GORGEOUS! Here is a sampling!
CT Member ScrapMel

CT Member Amson

CT Member Ina

So much more going on! I wrote an article for the Artisan Notebook this month. A tutorial on taking reflective self portraits. Lots of people have been asking for a long time for me to do just that so now you have it! Go ahead, take some of your own! Upload them to the Guild gallery and post a link in this thread so we can show you some love! Here are some of the examples from the article.
Grungy Reflections
Know what else I have been up too? SCRAPPING my buns off! The new Guild kit is out, Bohemian Bling and let me tell you, its AMAZING! I love it! My layouts! Most people would say that it was a girl's kit but its SO VERSATILE! Look I made a layout of my son, my new avatar and a landscape!

I am making up for not blogging for a week! I have lots more but we will wait until tomorrow. Have a great Tuesday!