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Friday, October 24, 2008

In the Spirit!

I am overflowing with Halloween and Christmas spirit this week.  I have been eagerly attacking many of my to-do projects.  My entire place looks like someone went insane and ransacked it, I suppose thats partly true!  This week I have been busy working on scrapbooking designs, layouts, Christmas gifts, Halloween treats, I am a MAD WOMAN!  With Connor off of school today we have been busy being creative together!  This morning he asked me if he could make a digi scrap page and how could I possibly say no to such a charming request???  Here is his page!  He chose to use the Guild kit this month, Whispers of Autumn.  How cool is that!  :)  I think we have a future artist on hand.  I took that picture of his I-Dog when we were out doing a photo shoot for his "school" photo.  I was extremely disappointed with his photos last year so this year we decided to take care of it ourselves.  So glad we did!  We got his proofs and they are WORSE then last year's!  His eyes are black, the color is dull AND his hair is stuck up everywhere!  When we were kids, the photographer actually took the time to make sure we looked decent.  Now they line them up and throw them down as quickly as possible.  Drives me bonkers.


This is the picture I decided on!  Had it done up like a photo package and let him hand them out.  :)  I think it turned out nicely but I am bias since I took the picture and he is my kid.  lol


Last year for Connor's Halloween party his father, stepmother and I went out of our minds trying to find cute but affordable treats for Connor's school party.  This year I decided I was going to figure something out early so I would not be forced into paying ridiculous sums of money on something the kids are mostly going to toss aside anyway.  In my last post I mentioned that I had purchased Kate Hadfield's candy toppers and I LOVE THEM! They saved the day!  I also mentioned the adorable idea for Frankenbucket by Megan Turnidge.  Seriously, scroll down to see and for links.  This is what I came up with when I combined the two!  Best thing?  The price!!!  :D  That and its SERIOUSLY ADORABLE!!  Toot toot!

What I needed to complete this project:




Green, grey and black paint

White paper

Glue gun and hot glue

Black marker


Candy toppers


Craft foam blocks to stick the suckers in

LOTS of curling ribbon


Hole Punch (not necessary but makes a neater, quicker job)

Plastic bolts

Black Ribbon

Sand the bucket or the paint will come off.  Prime the bucket, I did two or three coats, paint the bottom of the bucket green, the top black, glue black ribbon where the green and black paint meet for a nice clean look.  Then I used a marker to draw on his hair. Using the black marker I gave him some scars, painted his eyes and tooth on white cardstock, then cut them out and away ya go!  Stick them on the bucket of course.  Hot glue the bolts (we used plastic plumbing bolts because they are lighter and hold better), which have been painted grey on the side of the bucket.  Cut the foam to stick in the bucket, going higher in the back to give it a nice depth.  Print your toppers, I made mine a little smaller and had them printed at Staples for great color.  Cut them out, punch the holes, stick the lollipops in, glue the bottom closed.  You could use tape here as well.  If you use glue, again make sure it is NON TOXIC!  You know how kids like to eat paper, just ask my brother.  ;)  Curl up LOTS of ribbon in various colors.  Tie some to the lollipops.  Then all you have to do is stick the suckers and the ribbons into the foam.  To keep the ribbons in place, I used toothpicks and just pushed them right down so they were not sticking out.  It did take a bit of time but well worth it.  When Connor saw it he FREAKED OUT and that was the best part of it all.

Candy 03

Candy 02

Candy 01

Connor and I also found this cute little craft on the Martha Stewart website and made a few for his cousins to attach to their Christmas presents.  Quick, cheap and fun.

For this project we needed:


Muffin tins (we used disposable star tins from the dollar store)

small knife

Cookie sheet (just to place the tins on to put them in the oven)




All you do is peel the crayons, cut them into bits, throw them in the tins, put them in the oven at 150 for about 15 minutes.  Take them out and wait for them to cool.  I put them in the freezer like suggested to pop them out easily.  Then I heated the nail with the lighter, poked a hole in the top of the star and tied the ribbon.  Easy peasy.  :)

Crayon 02

Crayon 03

Crayon 01

Now I am off.  We are going to get some work done.  Meaning I am going to clean and he is going to follow me around asking why we cant just play video games all day.  :)  Have a good day! Thanks for stopping by!


Megan said...

Eeee! Your bucket turned out soooo cute! So glad I could help inspire you! :) Thanks so much for sharing! This time of the year is the best for craftsy projects... I can't wait for Christmas!

That pic is just adorable! What a little man! :)

whatkatiedid said...

Amazing project!! My kids would LOVE that bucket and I must try those crayon stars too, they'd love them as well!! Thanks for the inspiration :)

Chris said...

Wow amazing projects they are so fun and what an adorable little boy. Love the photographs :D