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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Can you believe I scrapped?

Surprising, I know!  I have been in such a funk lately and I am trying to force myself out of it.   I made this page with the Guild kit this month, Watermelon Head, and a piece of cardstock by Redju.  The font is Susie’s Hand.  To create this page I….

Using my rectangle Marquee tool, I chose a rectangle shape around the edge of my photo, Copy, Paste on a New Layer, added a drop shadow on its own layer.  For the details, I used the watermelon scalloped border which I changed to solid gray, duplicated, flipped horizontally, merged the two layers and changed the blend mode to Overlay.  Duplicated this layer and added it to the other side of my photo as well.  I thought it would be a cute pun using ‘wheelie’ because of the bike in the kit.


I have been at my parents’ house and they only have dial up.  *grumbles* SO!  I have had to head into the library and coffee shop to use their high speed every few days.  Here are a few pictures of what I have been up to this week….

Day 194


Shalako, the neurotic fur child of the family.  He was running in the wet grass, can ya tell?  lol

Day 195


I have been doing a lot of embroidery while watching TV in the evenings because I am out on a highway with nothing around me.  At least I am being forced to get creative!  This is on a tea towel and the design is from Sublime Stitching.

Day 196


It was HOT!  So we grabbed the hose in the backyard and had SO MUCH FUN playing!  Even Shalako got involved for a little while before he started hiding on the step.

Day 197


Jen came over for a visit and we thought it would be fun to have a camp fire.  We all got a lot of bites.  Connor and I got about 20 plus each but poor Jen got about a million and six.  The bugs love her!  Here is Connor putting on some After Bite.

Day 198


Since mine is broken, I brought some things over to make using my mother’s machine.  While I was sewing, I noticed this….  The dog is scared to death that I am going to leave him like his parents did.  lol 

In case you were wondering what I made…. some camera straps!  The brown flower one is currently on my camera.  :)  I am not sure what to do with the other one…any ideas?



Yesterday I bought the book Hello, Cupcake!!  I AM SO EXCITED!  It was only $18 so I had to grab it.  Around here it has been selling for $40 so when I saw the price, I grabbed it, hugged it to my chest and RAN for the check out.  Sean laughed.  I didnt think it was funny.  lol




I was thinking about creating EVERY cupcake and posting the pictures on here as I go.  May be I should start a blog for it!    I am currently reading Julie and Julia by Julie Powell.  Can ya tell?  For those of you who dont understand that comment, in the book Julie cooks every recipe in Julia Child’s cookbook MtAoFC and writes a blog about it.  :)  The first ones I chose, because I had the stuff to do it, was the faux Petite Fours on page 139, but I put my own little twist on them.

Day 199



Day 200

We discovered a museum about our island that we didnt know about.  Connor and I stopped by and had a nice time.  I love this photo, it makes me laugh.


Day 201

We went to a wedding out of town today and had a fantastic time!  Felt like a short vacay!  :)  Made a new friend…..


Thanks for stopping by!  :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Who would like a freebie?

Would you?  Well, you can have one….right after you listen to me ramble aimlessly for a few minutes.  ;)

Day 187

I asked Sean to pick me up a banana when he went to the store.  This is what he came back with…. Biggest banana ever!  It was a foot long, Sean measured it.  lol  It took me two sittings but I ate it!  ;)


Day 188

Missed it.

Day 189

Missed it.

Day 190

We went to see an advanced showing of Harry Potter!  Sweet!  We had a great time.  I forgot to take pictures though because things were rather hectic trying to get in and find seats.  So this is Facebook.  ;)DSC_0341

Day 191

We had craft corner!  YAY!  I love it.  We did some finger painting!  Here is Connor making a butterfly for his stepmother.


Day 192

We spent most of the day at my parents’ house.  Connor even earned some money but helping his grandmother wash the car. 


My mother went to get the hose and all of a sudden she started screaming!  LOL  There was a snake hiding out beside the hose.


Connor now has a chore chart that he is too follow in order to earn his treats.  He has been rather ungrateful lately and I figure if we dont start doing something about it now, he will only get worse.  So I picked up this chore chart by Kate and Jacque.,image 

did it up to  suit Connor, had it printed and laminated, then attached some magnets and VOILA!

Day 193

DSC_0349 DSC_0350

I havent been scrapping much but I did put this layout together last night of my niece Emma.   It is made with this month’s Guild kit, Watermelon Head.


And now for your freebie… an old alpha of mine that I decided to take out of the store.  Just for you, Scrap Metal Alpha!



Friday, July 10, 2009

Just a few photos…

Day 184

We spent about two hours on the tramp and BOY did we feel it the next day!  Wow, what a work out!  That night we headed into the city because I wanted to donate blood before I got my tattoo.  I was rejected because my iron was too low but Sean successfully donated!  :)


When I was getting my tattoo, Steve (tattoo guy), asked why and I responded that it was the scrapbooker in me.  To which he started laughing and said, My grandmother scrapbooks.  Yeah, well I straightened him out right away!  LoL!  Scrapbooking is COOL!  :)  So I thought I would get the word ‘inspire’ inked on my wrist…. I like it!  :)

My friends Janice and Jen came with me and Janice snapped some photos.



Day 185


It was hard to take it with my left hand!  lol

Day 186

It was gorgeous out today so we hit the beach!  :)  SCORE!  I couldnt go swimming because my suit no longer fits and I just got the tattoo yesterday but still had a fantastic time!


Hope everyone is having nice weather and happy times!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cake Bakin’

I found this website called Threadless where they are having a cake contest!  I thought it would be fun to enter, so I did!  :)   The idea is to bake a cake based on one of their T-shirt designs and upload it to their Thread Cakes gallery.  I decided on a design called Summer Wind.  It was not as easy as I initially thought it would be.  Cutting out the face with fondant and a paring knife, not fun.  Not fun at all.  I would recommend a SHARP SMALL knife for this kind of work, if you are crazy enough to want to try it!  ;)

Here is their design:


Here is my cake:

Day 183


I dont think I did too badly a job.  :)  Certainly not perfect but its only my 5th cake!  lol  Cant be too hard on myself.  I want to try another one too.  Some day.  The contest is running until August so I have plenty of time.  My friend Jennifer is even going to give it a go!  :)  YAY!  It makes me happy.  Jen can make some killer sweets so I am sure she will be able to make a fantastic cake!  Her first try with fondant!  :) Wish her luck too!

Some 365 photos:

Day 178

I find it hard to believe but I think I missed this day.

Day 179

We went to see Transformers 2 at the IMAX.  It was a good movie but a wee bit too long.  Held Connor’s full attention until the very end though, that was amazing!


Day 180


Day 181


Day 182


Last thing, a layout I made with this month’s Guild kit, Watermelon Head and Christina Renee’s Collage Bits, seen in this month’s Artisan Notebook.

Emma Watermelon lo

Have a great day!

Connor’s video game quote of the day:  “When I come near, bad guys turn to dust.”

UPDATE!  I have been approved!  :)


Check me out!  :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Digi Scrapping!

I am a day late but this is a digital scrapbooking post!  YAY!  This month I am truly inspired by Stacey’s article in the Notebook, Portraits Plus.  She created a fantastic page that was inspired by a CD cover.  I thought I would do the same!  You can see my first layout here in the Notebook this month as well.  It was inspired by The Cure’s CD Cover from their Greatest Hits album.


My layout!

Connor-The Cure CD Cover

I really wanted to create more!  Its apparently addictive!  :)  So while we were out walking I snapped this photo of Connor, who was looking at Sean, so I could create a layout inspired by this Nickelback cover….  I wanted a blue hue though because it reminds me more of Connor, plus he was wearing a blue shirt.


attiude lo

No kits were used in making these pages. Check out this month’s Notebook!  You will BE INSPIRED!  :)  I already have another layout in mind.  I was thinking John Lennon……

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I have no idea what happened to June but apparently July is here!  :)  We had a fantastic time celebrating Canada day!!  Can you believe we actually worn Connor out?  So much so that he begged us to take him home.  We watched the fireworks from my brother’s balcony but it was rather foggy so it wasnt too great.  However!  We did get to see fireworks from all of the major cities in the are at one time!  :)  That was kind of neat! 

We spent the day at the waterfront.  Uncle Earl and Connor went on a Rickshaw ride.  (sp?)


Connor got a tattoo!  LOL  He loves it!  He may never wash his arm again!



We ate at Perks which was cool.  They have all of these photos of their regular customers hanging on the wall.  I thought it was a great personal touch.


Connor bought himself a new friend.



Uncle Earl wasnt smiling pretty.  LOL


This is what I get when he decides he doesnt want his picture taken.  Laughing at it today, did not laugh at it when it was happening.  ;)  So Sean let me take one of him instead!  :p


We waited in line for 45 minutes for ice cream.  Believe it or not, it was the short line!!!!  We relaxed and watched the boats in the harbour for awhile.



Day 177


Connor thought it would be fun to run through the public sprinkler….  So I let him… he got two runs. 


We went to a park to play for a little while.


Then we went to dinner at a nice restaurant, Rock Bottom, where I had some lovely Gluten free pizza!   It was SO nice to be able to eat pizza out!   

Tomorrow I will have an actual scrap related post!  Promise!  :)  Have a great day!