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Monday, February 9, 2009

How To: Hot Air Balloon

When I saw the Digi Dare this week I instantly thought of what I wanted to do for it.  A layout with a hot air balloon and my handsome men.  I did not have any hot air balloons though so I thought, how hard could it be to make one.  Its not hard and I will show you...  I use PSCS2 but this should be just as easily copied in any other program.  This tutorial is for people who are fairly knowledgeable with their program.

First open a new document, I used 12x12 because thats what I scrap but you can use any size you want your balloon to be.   Using your Custom Shape Tool, chose the teardrop shape, simple draw your tear and flip it so the large area is on top.  Then using your Rectangle Marquee tool cut off the bottom of the drop to make the base of the balloon.



Copy this layer, CTRL-J, and then change to a different color so you can tell the layers apart.  It is always a good idea to rename your layers for identification and dont forget to save as you go along.  Using your Perspective Tool, Edit-Transform-Perspective, simple narrow out the bottom of your new layer.  Depending on how many layers you want your balloon to have, keep repeating these steps.


Now you have a basic template for your balloon.  Next I clipped on some decorative paper.  Starting to look better and better.  Next we need to add show shadowing to each layer to add some depth and a bubbling effect.  Below you will see the Inner Shadow details I used for each layer of the balloon. 


I also used my Dodge/Burn tool to make some highlights on the inner parts of each layer.


I added a small Radial Gradient layer to the top layer using the details show below.  Black to White, 50-60% Opacity depending on the color of your papers, and then change your blend mode to what you think looks best, I chose Soft Light.


Add some ropes to your balloon and a basket.  The basket you can design any way  you want really.  I wanted something simple so I used my Rounded Rectangle Tool and the same Inner Shadow that we used on the balloon.  Copy this layer. Then using my Circle Marquee tool I removed a section of the TOP Basket layer for a small opening for your people.  You will notice I added a brown base to my balloon as well.  Simple use your Rectangle Tool, then adjust it with your Perspective tool as you did with the balloon pieces, add the same Inner Shadow and add some slight Dodging for better highlighting.


Finally I thought the balloon could use some more roundness so I Merged the balloon layers and using my Perspective Tool again I stretched out the top of the balloon for my finished look.



For this layout I used Gabby by Shabby Princess, the clouds are from Jofia DeVoe's Sugar Dreams and the fonts are Susie's Hand and Cast Iron.  I hope you enjoy this tutorial.  If you make a balloon yourself I would love to see it, so link me up.  Happy scrapping!


Lulu said...


Thank you so much for this tutorial, it's really great!

I also fell in love with the dots pattern on your baloon, so i decided to keep that for the baloon i created, hope you dont mind.

if you wanna see my baloon, i used it in the header of my blog (http;//azurean.blogspot.com)


Jonni said...

Thanks for the great tutorial Amy. i found your blog on the top 50 Mom craft blogs. I just finished my hot air balloon. Here is a link to it. http://www.thechroniclesofmommia.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Balloon-Template.png.

Thanks again for taking the time to do this.