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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Every Day Woman

I saw this on Ali Edward’s blog and thought I would give it a go as well.  :)

June 23rd, 2009

Outside my window... The rain has finally stopped.

I am thinking... about whether or not I should have an ice cream cone.  I did go for  a walk today.  Hmmm….

I am thankful for... living in a town that is small enough for comfort but big enough for convenience.

From the kitchen... I had eggs and toast for breakfast.

I am wearing... an old shirt and jeans.

I am creating...  a travel journal for our upcoming trip next week. 

I am going... to get some ice cream after all!  lol

I am reading... Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult

I am hoping... that  the weather is nicer next week than it is this week.

I am hearing...  Connor reading out loud what I am typing here.

Around the house... I see so many unfinished projects that I might be able to get to soon.  Hopefully.  May be some day. 

One of my favorite things... is when my mojo goes into overdrive and I feel productive.

A few plans for the rest of the week... baking cupcakes with fondant bumble bees for my grandparents’ anniversary party.  Expecting a visit from my brother.  Planning our trip next week.  Spending a lot of time with Connor because he is now finished school for the year.  Oh yeah and seeing MY SISTERS KEEPER on Friday!  OH YEAH!

Some 365 photos…

Day 164

Janice01 copy 

My friend, Janice.

Day 165


We went to  the park and I brought Connor’s camera.  He took a lot of photos.  I didnt.  ;)

Day 166


I baked my father a tool box cake for Father’s Day, we celebrated early on Friday evening with dinner.

Day 167


Sean, my parents, my niece and Sean’s two aunts went to see UP.  We love it!  We must, we have seen it twice now!  :)  3D BABY!  Oh  yeah!

Day 168 


Self portrait in the make up mirror in the car.  :) 

Day 169


I baked some apple inspired cupcakes for Connor’s class on their last day!  They said they were yummy! 

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Would you like a cupcake?

Cuz I baked some!  I could put on the tea!  :)  They are chocolate with butter icing!  :)  They work out to be almost 500 calories a piece, SO, only eat them if you are REALLY in the mood for one.  LOL  I used pretty pastel liners and tinted my icing PINK.  Connor is not going to be happy about the pink but I AM.  :)  Ooooh and sprinkles.  I want sprinkles!  Ever check out Cake Wrecks?  Its TOO funny!  I laugh every time there is a new post.


Day 162


Sean bought me a new Jodi Picoult book!  By new I mean new to me.  lol  There are only a handful I didnt have and this is one of them.  I love Sean.  :)

Day 163


Did I mention that I made cupcakes today?  :)

Remember I told you about the cat we rescued this winter?  Daisy?  Well I call her Crazy Daisy because she is quite strange and anti-social, even for a cat!  So Sean’s relatives come home from away and there I am telling them how nuts she is and how she hates being around people and she walks in and starts rubbing against everyone!  I think she is smarter than I gave her credit for!  lol


Today we are having Nan’s party because she wasnt well yesterday!  Lots of good times ahead.  Thank goodness I went for a run this morning!   I did a full 20 minute run with no walking interval.  Go me!  :)  Have a great day!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Update

Sweet, sweet high speed.  Another year, another annual trip to visit my brother by my parents, another weekend with Shalako.  Now, dont let his cute exterior fool you, this little sweetheart is crazy!  This weekend while dog sitting for my folks we actually had a really good time.  The dog only pooped on the floor twice, ripped up the garbage once and peed on the floor once.  Surprisingly, this is really good behaviour.  He has a tendency to act out when his parents leave him.  He even let us sleep through the night and only today did he sit in the window crying.  Good times.  He barks at my camera…


Day 161


This is the ring I had made for Sean for his birthday this year.  He takes it off all the time and I have no doubt that it will be lost in no time at all.

Day 161


I baked this cake today for Nana.  Did it not turn out FABULOUSLY!!!  I LOVE IT!  I am super proud of myself.  Third fondant cake ever.  I so rock!  lol  Except that little part I scratched with my nail when I was trying to attach the balls.  ;)  Sean wrote the saying on it for me though.  He has a steadier hand.


Hope you all had a nice weekend!  :) 

Friday, June 12, 2009

Pop Up Book


Day 160


My sweet friend Theresa, at NDISB, had this brilliant idea!  She designed and made a pop up book for her son.  Theresa was nice enough to share with me and though I did not do her justice, I think I did okay with my time constraint.  I had a seven year old sulking, “But I wanna take it to schooooooooool tomorrow.”  So I stayed up late cutting, gluing and folding.  Got up early today and finished it off.  Its not perfect, I messed up some things in my haste but he loves it and thats what matters!  I tried to write a story for it but again, my creativity took a vacation when I needed it most.  So I wrote about what I knew, they story of Connor and the people who love him.  Its more so a mini scrapbook then story book now.  lol

These are my rushed photos of my rushed book!  lol  SOOTC.







This book was created by using Theresa Hernandez’s AMAZING Pop Pages Set 01 available HERE!


We featured T this month in the Artisan Notebook as the Spotlight Designer and let me say, she knocked my socks off! WOW!

I also used He’s Royalty by Vinnie Pearce and Licorice & Lollipops, this month’s Guild kit.  Crown is by Gina Miller.

I have been sadly lacking on my 365 photos and blog posting but here goes….

Day 154

I took photos but cant share them here.

Day 155

I think I took one on Seans phone but will have to check.

Day 156


My friend Ellen’s daughter Emma.  I snapped this while she told me about how she wants to be a flower princess.  Aww, so cute.


This is her son Riley who avoided me like the plague.  I tricked him on the swing though!  ;)

DSC_0792 copy

This is her neighbour’s cat, Tiger, I just thought she was adorable.  She REALLY didnt like my camera.  Soft though!  Man, she was soft.

Day 1 57, Day 158, Day 159

I took some photos on Seans phone and will upload them some day! 

That is all I have for today.  Hope you liked the book and if you want to make one of your own go visit Theresa’s shop!!  :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Little bout me…

I havent done one of these in a while so I thought, why not.  :)  Borrowed from Elsie’s blog. 

What is your current obsession?

I have a new obsession each week.  This week its making coffee cozies and thinking of dollar store crafts.  :)

What's for dinner?

Pasta and salad.  I think.  May be chicken.  May be chicken, pasta and salad.  Hmmmm that sounds good.

What's the last thing you bought?

Terracotta planters, just wait until you see what I am doing with them!  :)  No, never mind.  I went to the store today and bought lettuce.  Thats not nearly as exciting….

What are you listening to right now?

Meaghan Smith.


If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?

I would love to be snuggled in bed with this one right now.   He is sick and I feel extra sad because he caught it from me.

Day 152


What's your favorite quote (for now)?

One thing life has taught me: if you are interested, you never have to look for new interests. They come to you. When you are genuinely interested in one thing, it will always lead to something else. - Eleanor Roosevelt

What's your favorite piece of clothing in your own wardrobe?

Right now…  I really like my black shirt with the wood beading.

What's your dream job?

I always used to say pillow tester but I think anything that I am passionate about is fantastic.

What's your worst habit?

I pick at my nails.  Well, what I have for nails.

Do you admire anyones style? 

Stacey London, seriously, she has style.  I suppose she has too…  wntw-stacy-175

Describe your personal style?

Plain….  I generally wear plain shirts, jeans and may be one fun accessory.

What are your favorite movies?

The Notebook, Beauty and the Beast (yes, Disney)

What inspires you?

Life.  People.  Everything, everything inspires in some way.  Mostly though I find my inspiration through the people I love, especially my men!  How could a face like this not inspire you?  lol  Plus every day we have some sweet conversation that makes me say Ahhhhh!


What's your favorite book?

I love books, I have a few of them…. anything really by Jodi Picoult but I really loved My Sister’s Keeper.  Movie out this month!  YAY!  White Oleander by Janet Fitch.

Do you collect something?

Memories.  I am a scrapbooker after all.  ;)  The only real collection that I have would be my mice.  My Dad buys me a mouse for Christmas every year.  He bought my first one the day I was born.  I still have it.

Day 153


What do you like most about yourself?

That I am fairly open minded.  I live in a society where people are really stuck in a mind set that I dont believe in.  I think that over the years I have come to realize that it is okay to like something that someone else doesnt.  Its okay to be a different person than who society thinks you should be.   People should live their lives for themselves because we only get one chance.  (Except for people that are doing harm to themselves or other people, they should get their own island.;))

What's your go-to nail polish color?


If you wanna play along... TAG! you're it. DSC_0834-2

Hugs, Amy

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How to: Make a Fabric Bookmark

Today I am feeling better.  Not 100%, but much  better.  SO!  I looked around my place and thought, Wow, what a mess.  I should clean.  Then I thought, Home alone.  I could get be creative.  Guess which thought won?  lol

This is what I did today!

lost with you lo

Licorice and Lollipops by the Guild Designers and Grunge Word Art by Vinnie Pearce, my niece and her boyfriend.

I am going to put together a little basket of goodies for Connor’s teachers as a Thank You for the end of the school year.  I only started today so I dont have much but I did make them cute coffee cozies with some material I bought off of Etsy.  Is it not adorable?  il_430xN.71395015

Photo credit:  afabricoutlet @ Etsy.com

I have a list of things I am going to make.  One of them was a bookmark.  Here is what I came up with, quick, easy, and I used scraps.  Plus any excuse to use pinking shears is a good one. ;)

How to Make a Fabric Bookmark


What you will need:

Scrap material (I used two designs)

Iron on Interfacing  (you can use the sew on stuff too, just easier this way) & Iron

Pinking Shears (optional)



First cut out two pieces of material and one piece of interfacing.  I cut out a 6.5 by 2 inch rectangle from a piece of paper as a pattern.


Following the instructions that came with your interfacing, adhere it to the wrong side of one piece of fabric.


Placing the wrong sides of the fabric together, top stitch 1/4 of an inch all around the edge with coordinating thread.



Using your pinking shears, trim around the edges.

Cut a small piece of ribbon, around 4 inches or so.  Cut ends to stop it from fraying.  Next you cut a small slice in the top middle of the bookmark, about 1/2 an inch, and thread the ribbon through.  Make sure that the pretty side of the ribbon is facing up.  Then simply stitch the ribbon to the bookmark along your original stitch line.


Done!  Was that not quick and easy?  It would also be lots of fun with grommets!  :)

and here is the backside….


Some 365 photos…

Day 150

I forgot to take a picture yesterday so last night I snapped this quickly.  Sean and I had this picture printed and framed for Jess.


Day 151

I had coffee today.  Shhhh!  Our little secret!  ;)


Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Warning! Long post ahead! :) *Great offer too*

Have you all heard of Clickin’ Moms?  I heard about it a few times in the forums but today I stumbled across a post by Natalie Putnam and she has a wonderful offer on her blog.  I just had to take advantage.  It combines some of my favorite things!  Photography, scrapbooking, Etsy, pretty stuff in general.  lol  Lots of chances to win!!!  I havent had a chance to check out the site yet but I plan on spending an hour or so this evening browsing through it.  May be post some of my newer photos.  You should take advantage of Natalie’s offer, you seriously have nothing to lose!  Oh and if you could  mention my name, that would be FABULOUS!  Thanks.  ;)

The June Guild kit was released yesterday along with the newest issue of the Notebook.  We did a special hybrid issue with some amazingly talented artists helping us out!  FABULOUS!  Seriously, great stuff!!  Here are a few of my layouts using the kit, Licorice and Lollipops.




jess lo

shining star

there was a boy lo 

(this one includes He’s Royalty by Vinnie Pearce)

A few 365 photos…

Day 146


Day 147


Tracey and I took Connor, two of her nephews and her niece, to the circus on Saturday.  Here are Connor and Madison while we waiting to go into the haunted house.  I was picking at them saying that they were going to get married.  lol  They are too adorable.

Oh and on Saturday night, when I was exhausted by the day and in my PJs, we stopped at the store so Sean could buy a slushie and you know what happened?  This!


As Sean was pulling into a spot to drive through, a kid in the next car flung his door open.  Just happy he wasnt hurt.  Cant say the same for Sean’s car though.  ;)

Day 148

I have a picture of Sandy I took on this day but its on Seans phone so….another day.

Day 149


Connor had a doctor’s appointment and it ran so late that he didnt have to go to school.  We went into the city, while we were waiting to pick my father up at work I thought we would get a slushie because I had a BOGO Free coupon.  :)

Have a great day!