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Sunday, February 15, 2009

How To: Make a Quick Journal

Have a few minutes to yourself and want to make a quick, easy and inexpensive journal?  Something to throw in your purse to hold those inspiration moments that hit?  May be something for your grocery list?  Or even just something to doodle on when you are waiting at the doctor's office?  I have the perfect solution.  It literally takes minutes to make this journal and you only need a few things.  Most likely you already have these things handy.

What you need:

Sheet of decorative paper

A few sheets of thin paper, 20lb is good

Scissors (Paper cutter if you have one)

Awl (I dont have one so I used a compass from a math set instead)


Heavy thread (waxed thread, embroidery floss, dental floss, anything with weight)

Charm or Beads


I decided to use this nice piece of paper that I had on hand, My Mind's Eye Collection, and some ivory paper for my inner sheets.  I grabbed some brown embroidery thread and a simple bird charm I had for making necklaces. 

I used standard letter sized paper which I simply folded in half.  Make sure you fold each paper individually for a smoother fold.  Take your decorative paper, cut to the same size as your inner paper and fold the same.  Then take one piece of paper, using your awl pierce the crease five times.  This is where you will thread your papers.  Using this first piece of paper as a guide, pierce the rest of your paper.  You can pierce a few pagers at a time together.


If you looks CLOSELY  you can see where I pierced the paper as a guide.



Place all of your paper together with the decorative paper on the outside.  Now with your needed threaded you begin to stitch the papers together.  Starting on the outside of the journal, at the top hole, poke your needle through all of the pages making sure to leave a few inches of thread hanging on the outside, then from the inside, poke your needle into the next hole and so on until you are at your last hole.



Simply loop your thread back to the top and place your needle back through the first hole.  Snip your thread, leaving a few inches again.  Tie the two pieces of thread together and you have your journal.  Now you can add some beads and/or charms to the hanging strings to add some more personality.




Now you have your own fun journal!  :)  It took me less then 30 minutes to complete and that included cutting, folding and stitching.  This is the first one I made and I love it.

My 365 photos for this week!

Day 37

A picture of the Harvest moon that is really horrible because I used Connor's camera and it was so cold I was shaking.  :)  Will add at a later date.

Day 38

Sean reading the paper at Smitty's before doing his cartoon for the day. Can you tell how happy he was that I took out the camera??  ;)

Day 38

Day 39

The treat bags we made for Connor's class for Valentine's Day.  The adorable toppers are by Kate Hadfield and they were only $1.  She has seriously cute designs.  We filled the bags with candy.  Connor loved it because we did it as a family.  I cut them out, Sean folded them, Connor and I filled the bags and then I stapled them on.  It took us about an hour to make 30 and it ended up being less then $1 a bag.

Day 39

Day 40

Day 40

Day 41

I forgot to take a picture so this is one I snapped out my parents window just as it was starting to get dark.

Day 41

Day 42

The ice is coming in!  :)  I know it sounds crazy that I am happy about MASSIVE slabs of ice coming to shore because it brings cold with it but it means that there is only a few more weeks of frigid temps left.  One this ice melts it starts to warm up a tad.  See that TINY white strip on the horizon, THAT is the ice I am talking about. It should reach the shore in a few more days and I will take another picture to show you.

Day 42

Day 43

Some trees out at the folks.  I wanted a picture of a bird but I couldnt get close because of the crunching snow.  :(

Day 43

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whatkatiedid said...

Wow your photos are beautiful! I love the journal too, just a fun project. I'm glad you enjoyed putting together the treat bags, thanks for the kind words!