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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mrs. MacDonald

She is the one.  She is the one teacher I had in my life that I can say that I will NEVER forget.  She left such a lasting impression on me.  She taught me two years, grade one and grade two.  I remember simple things from her class, reading with my friend Janice, drawing with crayons, changing the weather chart when it was my turn, the chalk holder she used to draw the lines on the board, sometimes she would use white chalk, sometimes yellow.  I remember the day she raised her voice at me for the first time.  I was not paying attention, I was too busy rubbing my check on my shoulder, amazed at how soft it was.  lol  Such an odd little moment but one that has always stuck with me.  She taught me more then how to read, write and tell time.  She taught me the value of patience and understanding.  She taught me that there is good in every child, that there is talent, that there is a star.  Stars, oh I remember the stars.  For each good deed, we received a star on our chart.  It could have been gold, blue, red, silver or green but it was a star that was earned and we were so proud of each and everyone of them.  She showed us our accomplished, taught us to be brave, told us how beautiful we were and what a fantastic impact we would have on this world.

Even today, when I see her I rush to say hello.  We chat about the good old days and our lives now.  She always says that those years were her favourite as well.  The school has since been torn down but the seven years I spent there were the best times a child could have asked for.  We talk about how we miss it and you can see her remembering the days.  I still call her Mrs. MacDonald.  For about ten years now she has asked me to call her by her first name, Diane.  I do, but then immediately follow it up by quickly saying Mrs. MacDonald under my breath.  She laughs every time.  I just cannot do it apparently.  I hold such great respect for her.  I pray that Connor will some day be able to look back at his school days and be able to say that he has had such a teacher.

Thank you for teaching me, thanking you for being there for me and thank you for all that you have done Mrs. MacDonald.

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Maggie said...

I think every child needs a teacher like your Mrs. McDonald. Mine was my High School Chemistry and Physics teacher, Mr. Curry. He's why I'm a chemist today.