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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Someone Took Sean!

Mind you, in his place they gave me a man who looks JUST like him.  Identical in every way except a few small details.  Like this man, he cleans up after himself, he rinses the dishes!  He hasnt left dirty socks on my floor in DAYS!  You wont even believe this one, he has been making the bed!!! You see, I make the bed in the morning when I get up but then he comes over for a nap after work and messes it up on me.  He suggested I just dont make it IN CASE he shows up.  HA!  So I made the case that if I made it, he messes it, he fixes it.  Wow, I think he actually heard me. Today, he made the bed after I got up.  He COOKED me breakfast without any help or asking.  :o  To be quite honest, I am scared.  lol  


You know what else is scary?  My new Halloween kit that is now in the store over at NDISB!!!!  Ok, its not really scary.  Its pretty darn cute if  you ask me!  Also, I know how people want their kits to be versatile, I know I do, so I made this one with lots of elements and papers that can be used on any type of layout!

Check it out in the store here!



(All credits for this layout can be found with its original upload at DSAGuild.com)

AND I made a matching alpha which is just so adorable and cute! I love it.  :) You can see it in the store here!



Last week I also put a new product in the store which is perfect for all those smushy, loving layouts.  This romantic kit can be found in the store here!




At the Inspired by Art chat this week we discussed creating layouts using sketches.  Check out the thread here!  The sketch for the month of September is:


And my layout is the one I used with my Whimsical Halloween kit!


If you feel inspired, please go ahead and post a link to your layout! I would love to see it!!


Hmmmm what else have I been up too.  A few layouts perhaps???





That was just a sampling since the last time I blogged.  :)  All credits can be found with their original uploads at dsaguild.com

The next few days are going to be HECTIC for me so I wont be around much but I hope everyone has a FABULOUS SCRAPALICIOUS weekend!!!  Thanks for stopping by!

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