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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Beautiful Day

Today is a beautiful day!  A few nights ago I looked out my window and nearly fell over when I saw the tiny white flakes falling from the sky but thankfully none of them stuck around.  While I was walking Connor to school this morning I thought about my day and how I was going to schedule it.  So many things to do but yet I felt like I wanted to do nothing.  SO what do I do when I am feeling energetic but have no inspiration?  I roam through the various blogs I have bookmarked over the years.  One lady, Amanda, that I stumbled upon a few months ago is truly inspirational.  She sews, she cooks, she knits, she recycles, so much more, she has three kiddies and another one on the way.  She is a published author and lives a nice pure life.  I am always inspired by her beautiful attitude, her crafts, her sweet photos and her kind and generous personality.  Today when I went to her blog she had a nice piece about sewing hats for newborns in Haiti.  I thought, I CAN DO THAT!  I immediately downloaded the pattern and set about finding some material to use.  So I went through Connor's drawers looking for clothes that he had out grown.  I have come to the shocking realization that 99% of his clothing has silk screening on it!  I found only two shirts that I can use.  I then proceeded to pick up the phone and called my mother and Connor's step-mother to ask for help.  Hopefully I will be able to get more hats made then just two.  :)  Please check this out, I think its such a good cause.

Mama to Mama


I should also mention that she blogs here!  Just in case anyone wants to check her out!  These are the two shirts that I found that I can use, I thought it was cute that they just happened to match.  :)  I will be heading to my mothers in the next few days because I do not believe that my machine will be able to handle this little project.


Currently I have a few scrap pages on the go which is odd for me, I usually finish one before I start another one.  I finished one this morning with my new Boy Wonder page kit, available at NDISB.com.


A little bit of perspective on this one.  I really enjoyed the first one I made so I wanted to do another one.  You will notice that my gallery is fairly empty of extractions and there is a reason for it, I cannot stand it!  Erasing all those pixels about drives me bonkers but it is definitely worth it in the end.  Well, I have some things to get finished before I head off to pick the wee one up at school.  I hope everyone has a good day and dont forget to stop by Mama to Mama to check things out!  Cheers!

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