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Monday, March 12, 2007

Cherry On Top!

Its amazing the things you can accomplish in 24 hours. Especially if you only sleep for three of them. I stayed up late last night with a friend watching Shut Up and Sing. Then I had to do my Flickr photo for the day and was silly enough to open Photoshop. Now if you are anything like me, you do not open Photoshop unless you plan on spending some real quality time together. I started on a new kit. It started with, I will make 4 papers, a flower, a cherry and some ribbon. When I finished it this afternoon, it had 5 papers, flower, leaf, frame, alpha, numbers, cherry, ribbon, lace and lollipop! All in all though I am very happy with it. It reminds me of spring and today the sun came out so I think its a sign. I am also very happy because I posted it before I left this evening and when I came home there were SEVEN people who wanted it! That makes me SO happy! :)
Cherry On Top!
Also I finished two layout for the DSAG CT. I am in LOVE with the new kits they have coming from their store. Just amazes me the talent people have.

This evening I attended my first musical! We went to see the Pirates of Penzance and I must say that it was a different experience. It was quite amusing and their talent just shone through the theatre. I was very lucky to be able to attend. I was given permission by the folks at the theatre to take some pictures but I felt uncomfortable since no one else was allowed. I only snapped five which is very odd for me. I am not thrilled with the results but I am happy that I was able to take some photos.Pirates of Penzance!

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