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Friday, March 23, 2007

Trashed Regal!

I have been working on a kit for Saturday Night Live for the LONGEST time and nothing is coming to me! So to get my juices flowing I thought I would just mess around and see what came out of me. Well, I had been planning on making a red, black and white kit so I thought today was the perfect time for it. I got to work at the computer and everything just sort of flowed! I am so excited about this kit. I really love it. I have handed it out to a few of my cyber friends and am VERY excited to see what they do with the kit. Also, I know I am bias, but I love the layout I made with it!
Trashed Regal
At 26!
I knew I wanted to name it with something Regal but wasnt sure. I was discussing it with a friend and I said that the kit was also kind of trashy....and the name was born. Trashed Regal. I cannot believe how much fun I have learning to make these kits. The time just flies away from me! Its wonderful to have something that just makes you smile, even when it frustrates you! Now hopefully I will be able to jump back into my original project and be inspired. If anyone is interested in this kit, just drop me a line and I will get you a link.


Susan (pachimac) at DST said...

Very nice!!! I've never seen anything you've designed before - very regal!

Anonymous said...

love the black, red and white combo you did here on the Trashed Regal kit. You are very talented.
I would love to have a link to it if possible.
THanks in advance

Shell said...

Awesome kit if its still available I would love this one also. Thanks