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Monday, January 14, 2008

The Cat's Meow!

Sean's Aunt Judy came home from away for two months to spend time with her mother. It was so great having her home with Nan. Nan really enjoyed the company. One thing that I really noticed during the visit was that Sandy, the cat, was becoming more and more and more like a child! They seem to adore his every move, every purr, every yawn.... They feel for the cat like most people do their own children. I do realize that pets can become part of the family. I have always treated our parts as though they were part of the family. However, the sweet Maidments treat the cat as though he were royalty! It is so funny to watch them. The cat walks proud with his tail and head in the air while they chase after him oohing and ahhing! Since Aunt Judy left at the end of the week, Nan has been especially lonely and has asked me to stay over. I spent the weekend at their house and had a lovely time. Today I brought my camera over to take some photos of Sandy. I thought it would be something Nan would really enjoy having. A framed photo of her Sweet Sandy. Here is a spread I created using the some of the photos I took. BTW, the cat is just like a person when trying to take his picture. He walks away, sticks out his tongue, closes his eyes, etc.

This layout was created using Creme de la Creme, the January Guild kit and Christine Haskell's Sweeping Plume Overlay. It was inspired by articles found in the January Issue of the Artisan Notebook tm. For more inspiration check out the gallery at the Guild!

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