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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Foto Fantastic!

I promised myself that this weekend would be all about photography and it has been! So far... Yesterday Connor and I joined Sean in Sydney. We were not able to leave the building for long though because it was SO cold. We spent about 10 minutes outside before Connor asked to go back in. He was a very willing model and did such an animated show for us.

I was so excited about getting some new photos that I had to scrap right away!! Here is my layout, texture overlay by me, everything else by the amazing Lie Fhung.

Then today, my best friend Jennifer, agreed to bare the freezing cold temps to come out with me! We had so much fun trudging through the snow trying to remain upright. We looked like fools but I think we got some great shots! Here are some of my faves from this morning.

For more photos, check out my Flickr account! Now I am off to recharge my battery and a new victim for tomorrow. Ummm, I mean model. ;)

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Lilach Oren said...

Amazing photos and I love the filters you have used on them.