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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's Date Night and I am Alone

Sniff, sniff.  Sean and I went on our first date on a Wednesday night.  Since then (almost five years ago) we have only been apart a handful of Wednesdays.  This, however, is the SECOND Wednesday in a ROW that we are not together.  Last week I went on vacation with my folks and this week he is away at camp with work.  It didnt seem so bad last week because I was on the go non-stop but now I am just home.  Alone.  Scrapping. Oh woe is me.  lol  Anyway, because I am all alone today, Connor is visiting his Dad, I have had LOTS of time to play in Photoshop.  I have a new kit done! YAY!  Its awesome, its so awesome.  Just WAIT until Friday when I release it.  :)  So much fun to play with.  I know, I am a horrible tease but ya love me anyway.  ;)  I have also been a busy little thing trying to get a bunch of layouts done.  I have a coupon for a photo book but not enough layouts to fill it because I just had a photo book done like last week or something.  Again, woe is me.  ;)  Here are my layouts from today.

*please note that all credits can be found with their original uploads at DSAGUILD.com, thank you.






OOPS!  I wasnt suppose to upload that last layout there because it was made with my NEW kit.  Silly me.  :)  OMG!  Did I tell you all what happened while I was away last week?  I got another email saying that one of my layouts has been accepted for publication with Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine!  HOW HAPPY AM I!   Ok, I have about 20 more layouts to do for that photo book, no joking, so I should get back to scrapping.  Thanks for stopping by!

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