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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Creativity Campaign

Lately I have seen a lot of people starting their own little creativity campaigns and I want to as well!  I know I havent blogged in FOREVER but I am back now.  I am going to do better.  I promise!  :)  Pinky swear and everything.  Ok, so I have had been up to A LOT since I posted last.  SO much going on both in my online life and my real life.  Let's stick with my online life though because let's face it, its much cuter.  lol  I have been designing a bit!  :)  YAY!!  Wanna see?  Of course you do!

Distant Dreamer


Some layouts that my fabulous CT created with this one!









Are they not some of the most beautiful layouts EVER? I love them.  Every time I put out a new kit my team just amazes me!!

I also have this new one in the store called Hidden Treasures and for a LIMITED TIME you get a FREE matching alpha with purchase!  :)



And some creative inspiration from this kit! :)







Fantastic!  :) 

What else have I been up too?  Hmmmm....  Getting ready for Christmas! Thats right! I have almost ALL of my shopping done and thank goodness.  We went to Walmart the other day and it was PACKED with crazy shoppers.  Everyone is trying to finish their Halloween preps and get Christmas started!  Speaking of Halloween! I bought the CUTEST LITTLE TOPPERS EVER today!! Kate Hadfield has them on sale for A DOLLAR today!  CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!!  I ran to the store as fast as I could to grab them up!  I am going to have them printed tonight, get them ready early. 


OH and I was thinking on doing all suckers, sticking them in a bucket and Megan Turnidge has the CUTEST buckets on her blog.  I am totally lifting her Frankenbucket for my little suckers.  BTW dont know if everyone knows this but by suckers, I mean lollipops.  :)   I am sure Connor is going to love these for his class party!  I will post pictures when they are done!

FINALLY getting around to working on my art journal!  Creatively Gina has been helping me out with her Art Journal challenge at Natural Designs!  So far I have successfully completed the cover!  lol  Kidding, I have also glued the pages together.  I have decided to paint inside the book so I glued 5-6 pages together at a time so they would be thicker and hold the paint nicely.  I have started to give the pages a main coat of paint.  This way when I am out and about I will have a ready canvas for any inspired moments that come to me in line-ups or at Tim Horton's or wherever I may find myself.

This is my digital cover which is made with two Guild kits, one is an oldie but a goodie, Unlock Your Dreams and the other one is this month's kit, Whispers of Autumn.


And here is the finished cover.  I painted black around the edges of the cover and the back page so they would blend together nicely.  :)


Wow, long post but at least it is mostly pictures right?  :)  Excellent!  Alright, I am off now but I hope everyone is having a scrappy day! :)

OH OH OH ONE MORE THING!  I was VERY HAPPY and excited to find out that another one of my layouts has made the Gallery Standouts Blog!  GO ME!  hehehe


It was created for this week's Digi Dare and was made from two kits I received with the last issue of Bella Scraps Magazine.  One was Late Afternoon by Natali Designs and the other was My New Story and Letter Press Alpha by Bren Boone Designs.  Oh and of course we have Something Blue Studios' Worn Overlays Set 2.  :)

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whatkatiedid said...

Wow, your work is absolutely beautiful, your lost and found layout is amazing! I've been looking at it for ages, studying all the little details! That's an inspiring art journal too.

Thanks for the kind words about my printables by the way! I hope they are a hit with your trick or treaters!