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Monday, April 2, 2007

Curious Connor

Anyone who knows me know that I do not normally like to write. I have a friend, I work for his publication, and he has been trying to convince me to write for him for months but I refuse. Pictures I can take, stories I dont normally enjoy. Sure a bit if journalling here or there on a layout is fine. Even writing on this blog is okay but to write something that EVERYONE is going read is not my thing. Well, I took a mini class over at DSAGand it taught us how to create a storybook with our scrapbook layouts. I had so much fun learning the different elements! I will admit that at first I procrastinated. For quite some time actually but finally I yelled at myself to get over it and sit down and write. So I grabbed a pen and a paper pad, yes imagine that I used paper, and started to write. Well once I started it was hard to stop and had the whole story completed within 24 hours. Once I had the story line it was easy to go through my collection of photos to find ones to use. Also had a wee bit of help from Stock Exchange and Flickr. (Thanks Garrett and Martin!)I called my friend Courtney who was coming home for the weekend and she volunteered to find me some cows! So she stopped at a farm on the way down and snapped some photos for me. Thanks!! So here is my story. All of the credits can be found either at my gallery with DSAG or Flickr.

Hope you all like it! And if you are inspired, be sure to stop by the shoppe and add the mini class from Debb Cozzi to your cart!!

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Sharon said...

That is brilliant! I love it. It is defiantly inspiring for sure.