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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Retro Vision

I remember when I was a child. I had all my names picked out for my children by the time I was 12. This is what it was like for me with my new kit Retro Vision. I had the name picked out before the kit. I was trying to name Trashed Regal and I kept thinking Retro Vision but I knew it didnt fit. SO since I had the name and I liked it so much I thought I would make a kit to match it. I wanted something bright and flowing. I wanted doodles, flowers, pearls, geometric shapes, in essence, I wanted it all! So I sat down and went to work on this one the other day. As I was making the kit, I was making a layout. Piecing it all together as I went along! I was using a tablet to make a lot of the elements which is new to me so that in itself was an adventure. I am sure once I get the hang of it I wont want to let it go though. So here is my new plan. I have been giving my kits away but it has been a bit of a hassle reuploading the different kits every couple of weeks. SOOOOOO I am uploading this one for a week. Anyone who wants it can just left me some love here and I will get them the link! :) The only thing I ask is that you send me a link to the layout if you choose to use the kit! Simple enough right?
Here is the kit preview!

Retro Vision

And here is a the layout I did with it last night!

A Good Hare Day!

So if anyone wants it, just let me know!


LeXiee said...

I SOOOO want this kit!!!

I totally know what you mean about naming things ahead of time. hehehehe I had my daughter's name picked out even before we were ready to have a baby!

Crina said...

Oh man, count me in the ones who knew what they wanted to name their kiddos. Since 8 I think. Pretty kit!

petra a*k*a milo82 said...

Great kit!! And like the peachy colour!

Traci said...


Anonymous said...

WOW what a great kit.
Just found your site tonight, any chance on getting the link to it.
Thank you

giatocj said...

I LOVE this kit and would love the link. I have some pictures that it would be PERFECT for!!!

giatocj said...

Oops...sorry...my e-mail is giatocj@gmail.com. I don't have a profile set up yet.

Dana said...

This is a beautiful kit, and the LO is so cute. I love the colours and the elements. If you could send me a link to reddana5@bigpond.net.au it would be great.

Shell said...

Just found your blog so is this awesome kit still available? Thanks so much