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Friday, October 31, 2008


Its here!  Its here!  Connor was so excited this morning when we woke!  Halloween is finally here and will be over before you can blink.  No doubt within a few hours every child with be in a sugar induced stupor and walking into walls.  Halloween is a fun time as long as you follow all the safety rules! 

Rule #1 Give Mom all Coffee Crisp and Kit Kat bars. (The list used to be longer so dont complain)

Rule #2 Do not ask Mom if we can go to EVERY house in the world 300 times throughout the night because we are NOT going to so STOP ASKING.  :)

Rule # 3 Make sure you ask for treats for Mom and Dad too.  Make sure NOT to tell the people we told you this or we will be tsked.  (Hey, we are the ones doing all the heavy lifting!!)

Yup, thats it!  Oh and the usual wear bright colors, carry a light, no strangers, throw away anything with gunk in it, make sure you can see and breath in your costume, no crossing back and forth on the street, stay close, listen, give Mom all the Coffee Crisp bars, what?  I mentioned that already?  Oops, my bad.  hehehe  ;)


Connor is being Bumble Bee the Transformer.  So when people ask him what he is being he says I am being Bumble Bee.  People always respond with "Ahhh how sweet, he is being a bumble bee."  Then I have to speak up and say "no not a bumble bee, Bumble Bee the Transformer."  He says people should just KNOW THAT because how many little boys would want to be a REAL bumble bee for Halloween, they arent COOL!  Right-O.  My Frankenbucket was a hit with Connor's teacher, she thought it was cute.  :)  So we are all ready for the hustle and bustle of the night.  Connor's Dad is even making a route plan!!  lol  It should really help because its just the two of us taking Connor tonight and we both forget where we are suppose to go.  :)  So we are ready to PAR-TAY!

Speaking of parties!! This weekend is going to be the busiest weekend of digital scrapbooking history!  Saturday is (Inter)National Digital Scrapbooking day which is bringing on parties, challenges, giveaways, challenges, chats, crops, you name it, its happening!  Also, its the first of the month so we are getting the Guild kit ready and the Notebook is coming out this week!  I love this months kit and I KNOW everyone else will as well!!  AND last but certainly not least, Natural Designs is having a BIRTHDAY!  Its our 3rd birthday and we are celebrating BIG TIME!!  Including a STOREWIDE 50% off sale!!! How awesome is THAT!!  I have three new products in the store today!!!  All 50% off!!  The kit is only $2.50 and comes with 8 papers and over 20 elements!!  WHAT A DEAL!  The word art is also brand new and is on sale this weekend for only ONE DOLLAR!!!  :)  Check them out!

Boy Wonder Page Kit


My gorgeous son who inspired this kit, Connor.


Some new deluxe word art for you loved one pages!

Cherish Word Art


Layout by Sayo, aka bunnynose


Wonderful You Word Art



I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and a very happy, safe Halloween!  :) Thanks for stopping by!

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