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Monday, October 27, 2008

A Wee Bit Greener

On Saturday when we awoke Sean immediately turned on the radio.  I mean IMMEDIATELY!  We were not even out of bed yet.  Normally this annoys  me because I enjoy a few minutes of quiet before I pull myself into the day.  This day however, I forgave him because when he turned it on there were some people talking about an event happening in the city.  It took FOREVER to find out what was going on but we found out that they were having their first annual Eco Expo!  I knew from the brief description on the radio that it was something Connor would truly enjoy.  Why?  Because they had a FIFTY foot whale that you could go inside!  I called up his Dad and asked if he wouldn't mind if Connor was a bit late visiting and off we went.  Connor was hesitant about going in a whale.  In the summer we had a whale wash up on our shores that we went to see and it was rather smelly.  Once he found out it was a fake whale though, we were all set.  Also, I told him that Moby was going to be there.  No, not the cool bald swooner, the recycling robot.  Moby had visited Connor's classroom only days before and Connor had LOVED him!  All day all I heard was Moby gave me a sticker, Moby gave me a pencil, Moby says we should recycle, Moby says....well, you get the idea.  Moby was his hero of the day.




When we found the building we excitedly ran into the building.  It only cost us $5 each and Connor was admitted free.  Let me tell you it was WORTH it!  It was fairly small but lots of activity.  Connor had a BLAST in the whale.  I ran into old friend in there.  That was odd!  Hey!  Long time no see!  So, just hanging out in a whale's belly today are we?  Nice.  lol  Turns out she has a new job and was partly in charge of the whole project which is FABULOUS!  There was a shark mouth there were you could have the kids' photos taken by Kodak.  I really would have liked for someone to mention that to me since I stumbled across a photo of Connor laying on a laptop at the exhibit.  Ok, CONNOR found his picture and I told him he was being silly and that he wasnt on the computer.  He was.  I took the picture home with us.  lol  Its nice and has a cool border from the company.


There were many tables for clothing, crafts, goodies like cookies, coffee, etc..  Sean was excited because they gave him a free tire gauge and light bulb.   Connor and I bought cookies from a nice lady named Jessie who owns The Cocoa Pod.  She is doing my friend Jen's wedding cake which I thought was a nice coincident.  She was super nice and was wearing THE COOLEST NECKLACE EVER!  I loved it and asked where she bought it.  Buttonique.  Awww...the joys of Etsy.  I contacted them and they are going to make me my very own necklace!  LOVE THAT!  They are going to be at a local craft fair here in two weeks so I am definitely going to check out their table.

They had some tables showing stuffed wildlife.  Connor REALLY did not get why people would stuff dead animals.  I felt so badly for the woman at the table that I kindly steered Connor away because she was getting quite flustered.  lol  Hmmm what else.  OH the Star Lab.  That was cool.  They had this GIANT blown up dome and we CRAWLED into it.  They shut off the lights and shows us the stars throughout the year, the Constellations and the Zodiac.  Connor had trouble saying Zodiac so he has decided he is just going to call them The Man.  Very cute.  On the way out we stopped by a table and they gave us TREES!  Yes!  TREES!  We though that there were two per bag but there were four so we ended up with EIGHT TREES!  Since we have no yard to plant them we took them out to my folks.  My father laughed, they live in the woods, like they dont have enough trees! ;)  It was so much fun though! Connor had lots of fun planting them and taking lots of pictures as well.  I had to fight with him to let me take some too.  lol




A layout that I made last night about our tree planting experience.


All credits can be found with the original upload at NDISB.com.  :)

Connor is always reminding me to do good things for the environment, even when I am already doing them.  So I know that he truly enjoyed his first Eco Expo and we will be attending next year as well.  Have a GREEN day! ;)

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