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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Did you know...

That you can create your very own design for a Kleenex box?  I discovered this this morning and was so very excited.  I immediately set to work at creating a box, threw it in my shopping cart and was HORRIFIED to discover that it would cost me $20US dollars to ship it.  Ummm yeah, I am totally willing to pay $25US dollars for a box of Kleenex.  Totally.  OR NOT!  How in the world could I justify spending over $30 dollars on a box of tissue to blow our noses with??  Sure, its a great idea and totally unique but COME ON, the shipping is a tad much folks.  That and its not even guaranteed to be here before Christmas.  So I am paying $30 dollars and waiting what?  Three or more weeks?  HA!  Thats a good one.  I have no idea why it is that one of my American friends can order something online, it costs them 5 bucks to ship and they get it within the week.  I order something online, it costs FOUR TIMES the amount of the actual product and it takes anywhere up to 7 weeks to get.  So baffled...

Anyway, here is my would be tissue box.  I thought it was rather comical.  lol

The front                                    The back



A little something I dont think I mentioned here.  I have taken up running.  Ok, more like walk/running.  ;)  Point is, this week I have been out four times.  Three times I did this FABULOUS podcast by a man named Robert Ullrey who created them for people who are looking for a good way to start running.  Basically the idea is to go from couch potato to 5k in nine weeks, or at least that is what they tell me.  I completed Week 1 and on Friday will start Week 2.  Today I walked Connor to school and then ran the entire way home.  I was so proud of myself.  Took me about 4 minutes running.  :)  I know that doesnt seem like much, but to me, it is.  Progress baby, progress.

Tonight is Connor's Christmas concert and I am so happy for him.  He has been literally counting the sleeps until he can get on stage and sing his precious little heart out.  The kid thinks he is a star.  Literally, he thinks he is famous and waits for the paparazzi to jump out at him from behind every bush.  Why?  Because folks, you can buy him at Walmart.  Ever since I was published in DSM (his picture has been in three different projects) he thinks he is one hot specimen!  lol  Its rather cute actually.  I should do a layout....

Have a good day!

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