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Monday, December 15, 2008

Done and Done!

I am done of my Christmas shopping!  YAY!  Everything is bought, wrapped and under the tree.  I am so excited. I find that lately people are getting rather...ummm...pushy.  That is putting it nicely.  ;)  So I am happy that I dont have to go back into the mobs of people!  :)  I even managed to find the gifts that everyone wanted.  Today Connor and I tried to take some winter photos but lets face it, it didnt happen.  There is no snow, its plus 7C and Connor has a cold.  SOooooo things didnt go too well.  The camera battery died, it was windy, we used fake snow and Connor was dripping and sneezing and coughing through the whole thing.  We gave up but I got one shot that I really like.

DSC_1002 copy

Tomorrow I will spend the day making cookies for Connor's class because I will not have time on Wednesday.  Its hard to believe that HoHo's arrival will soon be here.  I am not completely in the spirit but I am SLOWLY getting there.  These are the cookies that I am going to be making.  I am SO HAPPY that I stumbled across these.  You seriously have to check out this woman's cookie collection.  They are amazing!  After the holidays I am going to see about purchasing her book.  Not that I could ever make half of her creations.  lol  I can try though!

Havent been scrapping much....  These pictures are from Connor's school Christmas concert. He had so much fun and was so excited to take part.  He practiced his songs daily and was constantly asking how many more sleeps until the concert.  The morning of, he woke me at 6am screaming, do you know what today is?  I quickly replied, Wednesday.  No!  ITS CHRISTMAS CONCERT DAY!  YAY!  YIPPEE!!  WAHOO!!  lol  We had a nice time.  The school choir was REALLY good this year.  We all enjoyed ourselves.


Hope you are having a fantastic Monday!

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Maggie said...

So he doesn't just get that excited when Aunt Maggie comes for a visit, huh?

Love that photo!!! And I wish I could have been at the concert - love him with his hands up in the air!!!