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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Its been cold....

Last week it felt like Spring but this week the temps have dropped dramatically and there is white stuff everywhere!  Connor was dying to go out and build Frosty but at -10C, it just didnt seem like a good idea.  All ready for Christmas now.  Just sitting back and waiting for it to come.  Today I spent a few hours at my parents house decorating with my father.  Since my mother is a Jehovah Witness she left us to it and went shopping.  Its funny because she left to buy garbage bags and lemon juice and came back without either.  lol



My father and I searched the island for a new Tim Horton's mug and it took forever to find one.  I found one at a Tims that said there was no left.  However, I went around and checked the displays and just happened to find one.  Go me.  I really like this years cup and am glad I have one now.  :)  My Dad bought it for me.  So nice of him!


(I borrowed their site banner) 

Isnt it nice though?  I thought so.  I imagine a LOT of people will be getting them as gifts this year.  We have one from last year as well but this year is a limited edition.  Not that I knew that until I bought it and saw the bottom of it.  I have number 008.  lol  I wonder how many they made....

Now I am going to make myself some tea, in my new cup of course, and read my book.  I bought The Reader last night and am enjoying it.  They have made this into a movie with Kate Winslet as well.  Cannot wait to see it.  I love it when they turn books into movies.  They are never as good but always entertaining.  I love my books.  Its one thing about Christmas, everyone buys me books.  LOVE THAT!  :)  Hope you had a nice weekend.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Maggie said...

Now why did I know that anyone in your family would love a TIM'S mug - LOL!!!!

No white stuff for us this week, but a lot of wind that makes it feel colder than it is.