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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cake Bakin’

I found this website called Threadless where they are having a cake contest!  I thought it would be fun to enter, so I did!  :)   The idea is to bake a cake based on one of their T-shirt designs and upload it to their Thread Cakes gallery.  I decided on a design called Summer Wind.  It was not as easy as I initially thought it would be.  Cutting out the face with fondant and a paring knife, not fun.  Not fun at all.  I would recommend a SHARP SMALL knife for this kind of work, if you are crazy enough to want to try it!  ;)

Here is their design:


Here is my cake:

Day 183


I dont think I did too badly a job.  :)  Certainly not perfect but its only my 5th cake!  lol  Cant be too hard on myself.  I want to try another one too.  Some day.  The contest is running until August so I have plenty of time.  My friend Jennifer is even going to give it a go!  :)  YAY!  It makes me happy.  Jen can make some killer sweets so I am sure she will be able to make a fantastic cake!  Her first try with fondant!  :) Wish her luck too!

Some 365 photos:

Day 178

I find it hard to believe but I think I missed this day.

Day 179

We went to see Transformers 2 at the IMAX.  It was a good movie but a wee bit too long.  Held Connor’s full attention until the very end though, that was amazing!


Day 180


Day 181


Day 182


Last thing, a layout I made with this month’s Guild kit, Watermelon Head and Christina Renee’s Collage Bits, seen in this month’s Artisan Notebook.

Emma Watermelon lo

Have a great day!

Connor’s video game quote of the day:  “When I come near, bad guys turn to dust.”

UPDATE!  I have been approved!  :)


Check me out!  :)

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