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Friday, July 10, 2009

Just a few photos…

Day 184

We spent about two hours on the tramp and BOY did we feel it the next day!  Wow, what a work out!  That night we headed into the city because I wanted to donate blood before I got my tattoo.  I was rejected because my iron was too low but Sean successfully donated!  :)


When I was getting my tattoo, Steve (tattoo guy), asked why and I responded that it was the scrapbooker in me.  To which he started laughing and said, My grandmother scrapbooks.  Yeah, well I straightened him out right away!  LoL!  Scrapbooking is COOL!  :)  So I thought I would get the word ‘inspire’ inked on my wrist…. I like it!  :)

My friends Janice and Jen came with me and Janice snapped some photos.



Day 185


It was hard to take it with my left hand!  lol

Day 186

It was gorgeous out today so we hit the beach!  :)  SCORE!  I couldnt go swimming because my suit no longer fits and I just got the tattoo yesterday but still had a fantastic time!


Hope everyone is having nice weather and happy times!


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