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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Visiting my brother.  Having fun!  :)  I am making a road trip PAPER album which I am excited to share when I get back! 

Some 365 photos….

Day 170

Not sure…  have to check the phone and Connor’s camera.

Day 171

Not sure…

Day 172

Not sure…

Day 173


Connor at his desk.  He is heading into Grade 2!  So proud of him!  :)  I love the light in this photo.  I bounced the light off the white board and really like the effect!  Plus the light coming from the window make a great highlight!

Day 174


We had a car show on the weekend and I generally go with my Dad.  On the way in we ran into my brother, Mark ,and niece, Emma.  Emma asked me to take a picture of Dad with her and the Pace car.  The car is owned by my father’s boss and is raced for charity.

Day 175


On the road!  It rained three out of the five hour drive.  Not fun.  It rained for the windy, bumpy roads and stopped for the straight, smooth roads.  ;)

Day 176


Mirror shot….  My shot of the day because I liked the light.  I cant wait to play with it in PS.


I call the DS “The Quiet Machine” because Connor is instantly silent when we hand it to him.  It makes long drives so much more bearable.  :)  I also found out today that he has TETRIS!!  Love that game and havent played in years!  Small moment of glee!  lol

Tomorrow is CANADA DAY!  I am celebrating in our provincial capitol for the first time ever!  SO EXCITED!  We are going to have a picnic on the hill, walk the waterfront, listen to music, going to have ice cream and watch an amazing fireworks display!  To all of my fellow Canucks, HAVE A HAPPY CANADA DAY!  Happy Birthday Canada! 

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