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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I have a secret!

Ok. I have a secret. Want to hear it? Well, I cannot tell you because then it would not be a secret, now would it? ;) My dear Sean and I have been engaged now since the beginning of time and I have faith that some day the stars will align and we will actually get married. Fingers crossed. I have had my...I mean OUR, wedding planned since about an hour after I got my ring. ;) Yes, I was a bit excited. However, through out the years I have slowly seen bits and pieces of 'my' wedding being introduced into other people's weddings around me. I really do want my wedding to be unique from the others that happen around here SO Sean and I have been secretly re-planning our day. AND we are NOT going to share any of the details with ANYONE until the day is upon us. We have chosen new colors, though I am still head over heels for the pink, black and silver we originally planned on, new flowers, new invites, new favors, a few new songs, venues and cake are the same, but LOTS of new stuff. Its so exciting for me! I found myself yawning at my old plans, sort of a been there, done that sort of thing. This new wedding? Its going to be awesome, naturally. ;) (Yes, Jennifer, I will share with you, but you and only you.)
I am renewed in spirit and mind! Sean originally said that I would change my mind about things a million times but I havent! This is the first major change and we both agreed. He is so easy to get along with. I do believe its because I am cheap. lol I look at things and say, is this different? How cheaply can I get it done with it still being nice? I do believe that you can have a nice wedding without spending a fortune. WHY would you want to have an event that is going to put you into major debt just to show off? I would much rather have a nice wedding without the added stress. My father wishes we would all just go south, get married and have a party on the return. I think its a great idea but I want my family and friends with me on my day. So does Sean. Ok, so to leave you with something my last wedding planned was nicknamed 'Sophisticated Romance,' my new wedding plans are nicknamed "Naturally Beautiful." Can you guess what it will be like? :)

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Mellykat said...

Oooooooh...are you going to make garbage-window centrepieces? Those would be beautiful and inexpensive!


Can't wait to see all the layouts of your beautiful wedding!

Melly :)

P.S. Is the garbage window done yet???????