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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

In the yard!

Today is Davis Day which means that there is no school in the afternoon. We decided that it was ok for Connor to miss this morning so he stayed home with me. After breakfast I did some scrapping. A layout I created for my dear friend, Fran. I was very happy to learn that we had been paired up this month. :) I created this layout, which is kind of out of my normal style I think, for her. I used an older Guild kit, Madame Papier and her Play House and also Shabby Princess' Rummage Chic kit.

Connor was after me to stop doing my 'homework' and to go and play with him. So I did. We took his bike out. The bike that I bought a few years ago and just YESTERDAY learned how to ride. He just wasnt grasping the idea of moving forward. Mind you, he has the break down pat. ;) So we spent a lot of the day out running and then laying in the sun. I took my camera out and started shooting from my position. I thought it was fun, Connor thought it was fun but everyone else probably thought I was nuts.
Some of my shots straight off the camera! I am weird, arent I? lol

I should note that I wasnt hurting Connor in that face squeezing shot. I was playing with him and he was laughing but there he looks like he is in pain! He wasnt, dont worry. Now we have to get him ready, his stepmother is taking him to the animal circus this afternoon. This kid is so lucky! I wish he really understood how privileged he really is!

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