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Friday, June 20, 2008

Guess what I did last night!

Yesterday we had quite the storm in our area.  Thunder, lightening, pouring rain and huge chunks of hail.  That was our day.  It was quite the event.  A house up the road from us was hit by lightening but no one was hurt, thankfully.  The kids were all in school when it was happening so Connor's teacher turned on some music and let them watch the rain.  They were joking about how the school yard looked like a swimming pool.  Too cute.  The internet was down for a lot of the day and it kind of felt like someone had stolen my arm.  I seem to have become very attached to my online activities.

I have started to read a new book,  Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende.  I purchased this book a few years ago but never did actually read it.  I started to once, I know this because there was a bookmark in the book.  The bookmark was the typical bookstore find.  Glossy paper with some sort of unknown flower on it.  BORING!  So what did I do to remedy my boring bookmark issue?  I designed one myself, based on a layout I did just recently, printed it, glued it to some cardboard and added a tassel.  SO COOL!  I will be the envy of all of my family and friends no doubt. ;)  I am, without a doubt, the coolest kid on my block.



Remember back when you were a kid and the teachers made you wrap your books in brown paper to protect them?  I SO wish that I digi scrapped back then.  I would have had the most incredible book protectors that EVER EXISTED.  Ok may be not that incredible but pretty darn impressive! ;)  Mind you, digi scrapping didnt exist back then.  I am so happy that it came into existence.  *sigh*  Its like dessert without the calories.  Hey, I like that, I am going to use that as my description for digi scrapping from now on.  Happy scrapping ladies!

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Theresa Hernandez said...

Ha!! This is fabulous, Amy! I remember covering my books. And then I'd doodle on the covers and write my name + cute boy du jour...