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Thursday, June 12, 2008

For my MellyKat!

The only person who even remembers that I went dumpster diving! lol I finished this awhile back. I couldnt sleep one night so I got up to play. I used what I had on hand so it turned out nothing like I had originally planned but its still unique. I mean, how many other people have a 24x24 inch layout hanging above their bed. My ribbons fell so I do have to fix those but thats okay. The frame is black with glaze, the 'background paper' is black satin, some satin ribbon, some silk flowers, photos of Connor, some card stock and there you have it. The whole thing cost me...nothing. Everything I had on hand. :) Its not really a great photo though. I was standing on the edge of my bed trying not to kill myself. ;)

Because of the frame, it kind of has a shadow box feeling to it when you see it in person. Not too shabby I think. Thats all I have for today. I am dying to get something creative done today. Did I mention my sewing machine broke? IT DID! Grrr! I have so many things on the go and it just up and breaks. You would not believe the language that was coming out of me. So I am going to go to my mother's tomorrow and finish a few things. I think. I hope. Wait till you see my purse I am making! What? You want to see it now? But its all pinned and in pieces? Ok I will show you, since you asked nicely. ;)
This is it pinned.

And I stuck my camera inside so you could see the fabric. Pretty right? A little old lady-ish but I like it.

The pinning was insane but my mother was nice enough to help me out. She did however yell at me for not using the right interfacing. I honestly didnt think it would matter because the outside material is so stiff. Lesson learned.

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Theresa Hernandez said...

LOLOLOL!! I love that this is for Melly! She'll be thrilled! Way cool layout too! I love the idea of oversized, hybrid layouts over the bed. That wall in our room is blank. Must start thinking about possible layouts....