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Thursday, June 5, 2008

What does summer mean to you?

That is the question that my dear friend Maggie has asked for her journal prompt last week. What does summer mean to me?

Summer means reading a great novel, wrapped in a blanket in a chair, on my step, at night while the world is quiet, the air is cool and my boy sleeps soundly close by.

It means the smell of fresh cut grass wafting through the air to my eagerly awaiting senses.

Cool water splashes on hot days.

Having my friends and family poke fun at me because I am the messiest watermelon eater ever!

Watching fireflies at night with a very excited little boy.

Being a tourist in my own town.

There are so many things I love about our very short lived Canadian summers. One thing that I am certainly looking forward to is watching my boy grow as an athlete. Yesterday at soccer he truly amazed me. He listened! Most of the time anyway. ;) He is very eager. He made an impressive safe and an even more impressive goal. Thats my boy!

OH! And so there I was telling Connor that he wouldnt be on the red team this year. Well, he wasnt originally. He was on the maroon team but there were so many small children we asked for him to be switched to the red team. SO he was very happy to be back in red! We went to the field again today to play with Sean. I just about died because I have a horrible cold/sinus infection but we played! Why? Because you do not promise a 6yr old that you will play and then not play. Note to mothers everywhere, do NOT make promises when you are on the verge of being sick because then you WILL BE sick and you will suffer for that smile. ;) Have a great night!

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