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Sunday, July 20, 2008

I should be sleeping...

...but I am not.  I am sitting here at the computer looking at photos on Facebook, blogs, and Flickr.  Some people just amaze me with their talent.  Such inspiration.  If it wasn't 2:30am I would SO be calling friends/family to go get some pictures taken.  ;)

Flies.  Driving me bonkers they are.  I have no idea what is going on but the last two weeks I have had issues with flies.  I get rid of them and a week later they are back.  They appear to be coming in through the light fixture in the kitchen and the ceiling fan in the bathroom.  This leads me to believe that the source of them would be in the ceiling.  Disgusting.  How am I suppose to fix that??  I have scrubbed everything down with Javex (AGAIN!) and Sean will tighten the fixture tomorrow. 

Speaking of Sean!  I wanted a photo of myself with my new glasses so I had him take one of me the other day.  He said that he wished I had smiled more but I like it.  So he took the picture, I set it up and edited it.  We make a good team.  Most of the time.  lol  The only thing I don't like is that I forgot to move the laundry pin bag.  Oops. 


Tomorrow I am going to take my brother/FSIL's engagement photo and family portrait.  It was raining off and on all day today so I am praying for good weather.  I bought some frames for them today and am hoping they like them.  I am thinking that they will be using them on their guest book table.  I am their photographer!  I also shot my second eldest brother's wedding last summer.  I made one HUGE mistake though.  I forgot to have someone take a picture of ME with the family.  DUH!  I have NO photos of me and my brother on his wedding day.  :(  So this time Sean is going to be taking some photos as well.  He is happy about that since its a passion we share.  Then I only have on brother left to get married.  YAY!  Then its MY TURN!  (Sean that was meant for you!)  lol  Friends for almost 8yrs, dating for almost 5yrs, engaged for over 3yrs.  Quite the couple.  I suppose I should go and join him in bed.  This is his last night of vacation, back to work tomorrow.  :(  I will miss him.  Having him and Connor around so much lately has been so nice.  We had a great two weeks though.  Have a great day/night.

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Mellykat said...

I wish I were online with you but I crashed pretty early last night! :)

That is a beeeeeeeyooooteeeeful picture of you. 1) Nice glasses. 2) Beautiful lighting, complexion and expression (looks like you love the camera man ;) ) 3) I NEVER would have known there was a clothespin bag behind you!

Hope you're having a great summer!

Melly :)