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Monday, July 21, 2008

We never grow up!

We don't.  It's the hardcore truth of life.  No matter how tall we get, no matter how many birthdays we have, when it comes to siblings we NEVER GROW UP!  I went today to the park with my youngest older brother and his family.  We thought we would be mature but we SO were not.  He made faces, I yelled at him, he walked slowly enough I thought I would die before the day was over, he poked me, I slapped him, I threatened to Photoshop him into a troll.  Ok, the last one I only did in my head but I still did it!  lol  We had lots of fun though and got some good shots.  The girls were so well behaved and I think they had fun!  I let Emma 'take' some photos and it was so cute.  She would look at the camera and say, "Say cheese, now smile Daddy.  I take your picture."  The most adorable two year old in the world!

Gabrielle really surprised me! I was so proud of her.  She is generally very....ummm....energetic?  lol  Today she was so well behaved.  Of course we had some silly moments but that's all part of the fun!  :)  She even got into the spirit of things and started choosing location spots and poses.  Ahhhh my little proteges! ;)

DSC_0990 copy DSC_0907 copy2


I immediately wanted to scrap these photos. So I did with Christine Haskell's newest kit Sugarcoated.  This is my second layout with the kit today! :)  Alphas on both pages are by Birgit Kerr.  I could make a whole album in one day with these papers and elements!  I COULD!  I might.  lol  Christa did a great job dressing the family, perfectly matches the kit.  It's pretty bad when you see  your family and the first thing you think is "WOW, they will so go with my newest play kit!"


Here is the first one I did this morning with the photo Sean took of me.  :)


Anyway I have LOTS more photos to edit, some are done and I will share them tomorrow.  Thinking about getting some graphic album pages done with them.  I haven't really done that regular photo type layout in forever!  Tomorrow.  Or now.  Its only 1am, I still have time. ;)

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