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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Live in this moment for this moment is your life.

Wow, so true isnt it?  My dear friend Maggie gave us this wonderful quote for inspiration in our blogging and scrapping this week.  I find it difficult for most people to live in the moment.  Most people say they will work hard and then they will play just as hard.  Why not both?  We cant wait for our lives to stop before we start.  Ya know?  I am going to have to scrap that quote as well.

My sister-in-law-to-be is trying to lose a few pounds before the wedding in September and has joined the local gym.  The last gym I joined burned down and it made me horribly sad.  An was an all female gym and a wonderful atmosphere.  I didnt change over to this other gym because, well, its for the Pretties.  lol  The Pretties are the 'beautiful' people or the people that thought they were in high school. ;)  This gym is a mixture of hard athletes, bodybuilders and Barbie dolls in matching outfits.  You know those people right?  The people that get dressed up to go to the gym.  Cute little outfits, make-up, and those big hoop earrings.  Its all fun and games until someone loses an ear.  lol  I was always hesitant but I thought I would give it a shot.  When we went in I asked the man behind the counter if I can try it out first before paying because I had never been there before.  He looked at me, shrugged and said, Yeah, give'r.  In Cape Breton-ese thats Yes, please do.  lol 

I grabbed my MP3 player on the way out the door and am so glad I did!  THEY DONT PLAY MUSIC!  I have never been to a gym that didnt play music.  They have LOTS of TVs though.  I guess its a real MAN's gym.  On my player though I have both music AND a Podcast.  They are really great for keeping your motivation up.  I just wish they hadnt chosen music that says FOREVER and THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING lyrics.  We headed into the ladies' circuit room, which isnt completely private, and started on the road to soreness  greatness.  I asked Christa if I needed to bring my own towel, or did they have some.  She said she didnt think they did but that I should be ok.  I wasnt ok.  My theory is that if I am going to pay to work out, I am giving it my all.  Sweat is a GOOD thing.  I am not one of those girls who thinks its unladylike to sweat.  You are at a gym.  Out with the bad, in with the good.  There is no room for glistening. ;)

So when Connor came home from his Dad's place this morning he asked if I had done my exercising while he was gone.  Boy, was he excited when I told him that I went to the gym.  He said, Mom, you are going to be straight soon and people will just fall over.  LOL Oh my kid is so great!  He made me pull my shirt up so he could see my belly and he said, Oh yeah baby, look at that, its getting straight.  I know I should correct him and say thin but its just TOO FUNNY!

So all in all I was at the gym for an hour and a half, yes I can walk today.  Thank you for asking.  Wish me luck.  Have a great day!

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Mellykat said...

You? ROCK.

I'd have died for sure.

M :)