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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Proof the little man does listen!

I woke up this morning with a weight on my chest.  No, seriously, a weight.  A real one, not a metaphor.  I, of course, thought how the heck did this get on me.  I looked over and saw my sweet little angel laying in the bed next to me.  Hi.  Hi.  How are you?  Good.  So Mommy.  (HE CALLED ME MOMMY!  He is on this new kick where he is calling me and his father, Mom and Dad cuz he is a BIG boy now.)  We have to talk.  Uh-oh! Ok Connor, lets talk.  Mommy, (that word again) if you want to be straight instead of round, you have a lot of work to do.  You have to use these.  (the weights)  You have to eat healthy like chicken, fruits, vegetables, milk, fish, and some cow and pig.  LOL OK!  You have to exercise more, with these.  (the weights)  At first use the small ones and then you can use the big ones.  How much do you weigh Mommy?  Huh?  How much do you weight Mommy?  I dont know.  Yes, you do.  Ok, I do but I am not telling you.  Ok Mommy but you have to exercise more and eat good stuff.  Ok Connor.  Starting today.  Ok Connor.  Let's go make a healthy shake drink for dinner.  (The kid doesnt understand the word breakfast for some odd reason.)  You mean a smoothie?  No, the one you shake?  Crystal Light?  Do you shake that?  Yes.  Ok, thats what I want us to drink.

SO we made some Crystal Light and some Iced Tea.  I have promised him that as soon as I am done checking my forums that we will head out for some exercise so Mommy can be straight, like him, instead of round, like a ball.  See, my kid does listen to me when I am rambling. ;) 

Last night's chat was GREAT!  We had so much fun!  Some new people came too!  We chatted about so much and for so long!  I didnt get to bed until 2am!!  I was in the chat until after 1am my time.  WOWZERS! 

Anyway the challenge this week is to create a layout using this sketch.


Here is my layout for inspiration, play along if you like! :)



I also started the Photography Challenges back up at the Guild, again.  I am a slacker, I KNOW!  This  week's challenge is to get out there with family/friends and take some portraits.  Not just this though, to take them with varying heights in the photo for some added interested.  For instance have someone sitting on a bench and then someone on the ground next to them. Or may be have some kids sitting in a tree with their parents standing next to them. That sounds like fun! Have a great staircase? Have someone at the top and someone at the bottom. Well, you get the idea!  Here is mine!  My nieces Emma and Gabrielle at the park on the weekend.


I am on a blogging ROLL! Go me!  Ok, back to checking forums and whatnot.  Hope everyone has a terrific Tuesday! AND PLEASE feel free to jump in on these challenges.  You can post over at the Guild with the links provided or just link me up here!  Love to see your art!

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Theresa Hernandez said...

Awwww, that's so sweet!! I love that he cares so much.