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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's Called the 'Rule of Thirds' People!

I take a lot of photos.  I pretty much take photos every day.  Its what I do.  Its what I love.  However, when it comes to taking photos there are some things that not every person understands.  The biggest thing seems to be the Rule of Thirds.  People are constantly saying to me, umm this photo isnt centered.  OR if you could just cut that end off this would be a much cuter photo.  COME ON PEOPLE!  Get with the program.  Not every photo has to be centered.  My mother and my brother Mark are the worst for this I think.  I TRY to explain it to them but its like an airplane shooting over their heads.  I get the blank stare, the nod, the polite smile and the 'ok but its not centered.'  Yup, I digress.  I took, oh lets say, 1000 photos this week.  Here are a few of my favourites from the Murrin wedding.

DSC_0283 copy

DSC_0323 copy




Best wishes to them all! :)  The most loving family I have seen in a long time.  I am so very glad that I had a chance to share their special day with them.

On Sunday my mother asked me to take some photos of this cutie when I picked her up at church.  Meet Kiera.  :)


Isnt she adorable with those big blue eyes and curly hair?  So precious.  I must take the time to photograph her some day.  I mean an actual planned event, not a 'Hey Amy, do you have your camera on you?" type deal.  Thats all for now.

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Theresa Hernandez said...

But see, if you show them a photo composed properly vs. one that has been cropped to be centered, they will probably choose the properly composed one time and again. They won't know why, but they will be drawn to it. Even if they don't know the rule of thirds, the rule exists because it results in a much more visually pleasing composition.