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Monday, February 23, 2009

A new kit in the store!

It is called the Lure of the Atlantic and I simply heart it.  :)  It reminds me so much of summers spent lazing by bonfires, listening the waves crash and the light of the lighthouse.  You can find it in the store here.  My creative team has just done an amazing job of creating layouts with it.  They are always making my jaw drop!








I have been scrapping!


For Mellisa Charity kit, Something Sweet and Sentimental from the Guild


Something Sweet and Sentimental from the Guild


My new kit Lure of the Atlantic


For Mellisa and Something Sweet and Sentimental

Some of my 365 photos!

Day 47

The oh so delicious Cottage Cheese Pancakes by Tosca Reno.  I made them for breakfast this day with a LOT of hesitation because I really do not like cottage cheese but they were FABULOUS!  I actually made them for breakfast again today.  They are in her book, The Eat Clean Diet Cookbook.  Sean and Jennifer also LOVED them.

Day 47

Day 48

I wanted salmon and veggies.  Sean wanted a sandwich.  So I baked some salmon, made sandwiches with it and cooked some veggies.  It was a great lunch.  I have been taking a lot of photos of food lately...

Day 48

Day 49

It was my niece Emma's birthday party on the weekend.  My niece Deliah looked SO cute in her little pink outfit that I just had to share!  Here she is bowling.

Day 49

My niece Emma, so proud!  Here she is playing with the puzzle I gave her.  When she visits my parents and I am there, she makes me do puzzles with her for hours so I thought she would like a new one.



Day 50

My mother and my brother were fighting at Tim's yesterday morning.  This is my mom getting after him.

Her concerned, yet angry face.


Mark immediately reverts back into his childhood sulky "Mom is yelling at me" mode.


And of course Dad and I were lots of help.  This is Dad through the whole conversation.  It was like watching a tennis match going back and forth between the two of them.

Day 50

And I was the one snapping away at everyone.  lol  Dad promises that he will save me a seat on the bus.  ;)


Theresa said...

I heart your new kit too! All of the layouts I've seen with it so far are just stunning.

Look at you going to town with your photos! I'm so far behind it isn't even funny.

Karen said...

Wow - you're really going strong with your Project 365 - well done!
LOVE you new kit - will go to your shop and take a closer look!

Karen said...

Love your new kit - off to take a closer look!