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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It feels good to be home...

No, no, I havent been away.  Not really.  Yesterday the newly renovated Tim Horton's reopened and we went there this morning for our morning coffee.  Even though the entire store is completely different in decor, the warmth and faces were familiar.  It was closed for four weeks.  Four LONG weeks where we had no morning coffee, no Sunday coffee at our usual store, no bumping into the friendly faces we become used to seeing and you know something else?  I realized today when I walked in that I had not talked to my grandfather in four weeks!  Apparently other people missed him as well because he was surrounded by friends.  I barely managed to squeak in a hello.  His face lit up when he saw me, he must have missed me too.  :)  I couldnt snap a photo of him because there were too many people around him.  He has a tendency to duck behind people when he sees the camera coming out of the bag. 

Before (Day 14)

Day 14

After (Day 46)

Day 46

There is another section behind where we were sitting but it was full so I couldnt sit back to take the picture.  I like the light in Tim's.  With all the windows you get nice light.  :)  Doesnt Sean look HAPPY?  He just got off of backshift and I made him take me for a tea.  I am a horrible girlfriend but he loves me anyway.  ;)


This is my grandfather.  I took this picture at this Tim's a few years ago when I threatened to follow him with the camera all day until he let me take a photo.  He let me take one, this is it.  See, great light.


Last night we tried Tofu Chocolate Mousse.  Not a fan.  Normally when we try something new at least ONE of us likes it.  Unfortunately, it was THREE thumbs down for our house.  lol  I am not giving up on the tofu yet though.  I still have some in the fridge and am going to attempt to make something with it tonight as well.  They say it takes ten tries before you like something...we shall see.  You can see how pleased Sean was with it.  lol

Day 45

Day 45

I really enjoy my new found spirit of adventure with food.  I am normally in the mind set of a five year, stomping my feet and pouting when someone suggests a new food.  Sean is also quite impressed with me.  He is ALWAYS up for trying new things.  We have turned it into a game with Connor so he is more willing as well.  I am rambling way too much...

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