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Monday, February 2, 2009

It feels good!

Today it was above freezing and I was just dying to get out and do something active.  So when I went to pick up Connor at school and we went over to the track.  I picked up where I left off three weeks ago on the C25K, Week 4.  It was a bit of a struggle at the end but I made it.  I do not believe I have ever been prouder of myself.  With the exception of making it through childbirth alive that is. ;)  I brought Connor his camera so he could take some photos but he only took one.  I slowed down until he took it.  It felt good and I have felt happier since I came back.  Canadian winters can be long and so depressing.  I hope the weather stays warmer and we are able to leave the house more.  I could even see a big difference in Connor.  Just being able to spend an hour outside running and screaming just made his day.


I have been scrapping again today!  It feels so good to create!


These are some of the photos that Connor has snapped over the last little while.  I want to eventually set up a small website for him to share his photos.  I want to encourage him to be the best he can be.  This kit is Little Andres by Loretta Labarca at NDSIB.

My photo of the day is a self-portrait that I took as soon as I came in from running.  Me, oh natural, no make up, no Photoshop, all flushed and sweaty!  lol

Day 29

We chose our new Creative Team members over at the Guild.  Please stop by our Creative Gigis blog and check out their amazing pages!

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