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Friday, June 12, 2009

Pop Up Book


Day 160


My sweet friend Theresa, at NDISB, had this brilliant idea!  She designed and made a pop up book for her son.  Theresa was nice enough to share with me and though I did not do her justice, I think I did okay with my time constraint.  I had a seven year old sulking, “But I wanna take it to schooooooooool tomorrow.”  So I stayed up late cutting, gluing and folding.  Got up early today and finished it off.  Its not perfect, I messed up some things in my haste but he loves it and thats what matters!  I tried to write a story for it but again, my creativity took a vacation when I needed it most.  So I wrote about what I knew, they story of Connor and the people who love him.  Its more so a mini scrapbook then story book now.  lol

These are my rushed photos of my rushed book!  lol  SOOTC.







This book was created by using Theresa Hernandez’s AMAZING Pop Pages Set 01 available HERE!


We featured T this month in the Artisan Notebook as the Spotlight Designer and let me say, she knocked my socks off! WOW!

I also used He’s Royalty by Vinnie Pearce and Licorice & Lollipops, this month’s Guild kit.  Crown is by Gina Miller.

I have been sadly lacking on my 365 photos and blog posting but here goes….

Day 154

I took photos but cant share them here.

Day 155

I think I took one on Seans phone but will have to check.

Day 156


My friend Ellen’s daughter Emma.  I snapped this while she told me about how she wants to be a flower princess.  Aww, so cute.


This is her son Riley who avoided me like the plague.  I tricked him on the swing though!  ;)

DSC_0792 copy

This is her neighbour’s cat, Tiger, I just thought she was adorable.  She REALLY didnt like my camera.  Soft though!  Man, she was soft.

Day 1 57, Day 158, Day 159

I took some photos on Seans phone and will upload them some day! 

That is all I have for today.  Hope you liked the book and if you want to make one of your own go visit Theresa’s shop!!  :)


wvsandy said...

Amy, your book is FANTASTIC! I am going to have to do several of these. They are a perfect gift for grandkids.

Tina O'Flynn said...

Conner's book came out awesomely!!
nice work!

Whisper Pink said...

Awesome job on the book!!! I really should do one for Maddy, maybe I will who knows...LOL!!!
What I want to know is why you can't post your pics from Day 154...LOL!!! hmmm **wondering** LOL!!!

Amy Eileen said...

LOL @ Chris!

The only pictures I took that day were for clients.

Theresa said...

Oh my gosh, Amy, that is so cute!!!

Honestly, for me, the hardest part is doing the pages. Putting it together takes me no time now. Each one gets a lot easier.

My biggest problem now is the adhesive. The one I made for my son's teacher is falling apart. I need to find an adhesive that is better at sticking glossy photo paper to glossy photo paper...

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful! LOVE how it came out! lvg4him

The Mully's said...

Day 160 is such a great project- and it looks terrific. Great job!