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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Update

Sweet, sweet high speed.  Another year, another annual trip to visit my brother by my parents, another weekend with Shalako.  Now, dont let his cute exterior fool you, this little sweetheart is crazy!  This weekend while dog sitting for my folks we actually had a really good time.  The dog only pooped on the floor twice, ripped up the garbage once and peed on the floor once.  Surprisingly, this is really good behaviour.  He has a tendency to act out when his parents leave him.  He even let us sleep through the night and only today did he sit in the window crying.  Good times.  He barks at my camera…


Day 161


This is the ring I had made for Sean for his birthday this year.  He takes it off all the time and I have no doubt that it will be lost in no time at all.

Day 161


I baked this cake today for Nana.  Did it not turn out FABULOUSLY!!!  I LOVE IT!  I am super proud of myself.  Third fondant cake ever.  I so rock!  lol  Except that little part I scratched with my nail when I was trying to attach the balls.  ;)  Sean wrote the saying on it for me though.  He has a steadier hand.


Hope you all had a nice weekend!  :) 

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