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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Warning! Long post ahead! :) *Great offer too*

Have you all heard of Clickin’ Moms?  I heard about it a few times in the forums but today I stumbled across a post by Natalie Putnam and she has a wonderful offer on her blog.  I just had to take advantage.  It combines some of my favorite things!  Photography, scrapbooking, Etsy, pretty stuff in general.  lol  Lots of chances to win!!!  I havent had a chance to check out the site yet but I plan on spending an hour or so this evening browsing through it.  May be post some of my newer photos.  You should take advantage of Natalie’s offer, you seriously have nothing to lose!  Oh and if you could  mention my name, that would be FABULOUS!  Thanks.  ;)

The June Guild kit was released yesterday along with the newest issue of the Notebook.  We did a special hybrid issue with some amazingly talented artists helping us out!  FABULOUS!  Seriously, great stuff!!  Here are a few of my layouts using the kit, Licorice and Lollipops.




jess lo

shining star

there was a boy lo 

(this one includes He’s Royalty by Vinnie Pearce)

A few 365 photos…

Day 146


Day 147


Tracey and I took Connor, two of her nephews and her niece, to the circus on Saturday.  Here are Connor and Madison while we waiting to go into the haunted house.  I was picking at them saying that they were going to get married.  lol  They are too adorable.

Oh and on Saturday night, when I was exhausted by the day and in my PJs, we stopped at the store so Sean could buy a slushie and you know what happened?  This!


As Sean was pulling into a spot to drive through, a kid in the next car flung his door open.  Just happy he wasnt hurt.  Cant say the same for Sean’s car though.  ;)

Day 148

I have a picture of Sandy I took on this day but its on Seans phone so….another day.

Day 149


Connor had a doctor’s appointment and it ran so late that he didnt have to go to school.  We went into the city, while we were waiting to pick my father up at work I thought we would get a slushie because I had a BOGO Free coupon.  :)

Have a great day!

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