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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Here comes the bride...

I had the pleasure of taking photos at Rene and Joey Neville's wedding on Saturday! Wow, what a terrific time I had with them. They are fun, free spirited and loving people. Rene and I went to high school together but never really hung out at all. I had the chance to hang out with some great people! It was the most relaxed wedding I have ever attended! There was no rushing, not really any stressing. Just a lot of good laughs, well wishes and joyful conversations. There was a lot against us as far as the weather went. It was -16C and -27C with the wind chill so we unable to take any photos outside! AND it was a nighttime wedding so we had very little light to work with. All and all though, things turned out well. I dropped the photos off to the bride tonight and she loved them! They have already been scattered throughout Flickr and Facebook. Here are a few of my faves from the day!

Shooting weddings can be so stressful because it only happens once. There can be no redos but I still love it. :) I love that I am able to not only share the day with the couple but also help them preserve their special moments. Also, I can get some GREAT tips for my own future wedding! ;)

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Mellykat said...

Wowza those pictures are fantastic! Love the motion one, the selective colour, and that CAKE? OMG TO DIE FOR!

Melly :)