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Saturday, February 23, 2008

So Proud of Myself!

I cleaned my house today! I even was ambitious enough to clean out Connor's closet. I bought a new cube organizer for his books. Until today we have been using his old change table but that is now gone! YAY! We donated 6 bags of clothes and 2 bags of books today. So nice to be a little more organized and a lot less junk floating around. ALSO I have some paint to paint all the rooms. That is going to take some time but I will be SO HAPPY when it is all done. I am going to have to get a lot of help as well. I am very disappointed in my wrists. How odd a sentence is that! lol I am though. My carpal tunnel syndrome is REALLY acting up! I have been having quite a lot of pain, tingling and lack of strength. This causes problems in so many areas of my life! It is hard to carry groceries, pick up Connor, type for long periods of time, design, scrap, you name it!! I do it anyway though! I do not want surgery! I refuse!

I have been fairly active creatively though. This week I thought I would take a shot at the Digi Dare! This week was to create a lift of one of your own layouts. This is the original layout: Yet To Come

And this is my lift: Sexy Momma

I really loving doing lifts, even when they are of my own creations, because you can learn so much. It really helps you stretch your creativity! Two layouts that are so similiar but still so different. I highly recommend people try the dare this week! :)

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